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A Last Wish for Albert the Homeless Man and His Dog Bliss

by Katherine

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Albert, a homeless man from Los Angeles loves his five-year-old dog named Bliss more than anything. The bond between pet owner and dog is so deep that Albert is willing to put his declining health second, just to protect his four-legged companion and best friend.

This homeless man suffers from a collapsed lung, pneumonia, seizures, asthma and diabetes, and he knows he has little time left on this earth. He is refusing medical treatment because he doesn’t want to be away from his dog and put her life at risk…again.

Albert and Bliss
Albert and Bliss


When Albert got sick not too long ago, he was taken to the hospital, and during his stay, Bliss was picked up by police and taken to a shelter. Because the pet had registered tags the dog was placed on hold until the pet owner could come her, but with Albert in the hospital no one came. When Bliss’s hold time was up, the shelter made her available for adoption, however, there was zero interest from potential adopters and Bliss’s time was up.

Luckily, when the community heard this dog belonged to a homeless man that loved her, they rallied together and raised enough funds to break Bliss out of jail. The death row dog was saved 24 hours before being put to sleep.

Many people have stepped up to help Albert and his dog, but if it wasn’t for caring individuals such as Donna Miller and Bonnie Landsverk, Bliss and his owner would just be suffering on the streets alone.

“Albert can only walk a few steps without having to stop and rest. He refuses to go to the hospital or hospice care due to Bliss,” the women posted online. “Some kind people have raised funds for the next few days to keep him and Bliss in a motel but we need to keep him out of the cold and into care until it’s his time to pass.”

Lily Wissell and Sasha Sabbeth also learn of Albert and his dog, they contacted Jasmine Dustin from Cause4Paws for help. This organization has helped other homeless pet owners in the area and they too want to help Bliss and his loving owner.

“[Albert] is in really bad shape,” said Dustin. “He has diabetic ulcers that have now erupted on his leg. He’s unable to walk at all. His asthma is so bad that he can only speak a few words without having to stop. He doesn’t have much time left.”

Cause4Paws is raising funds to help Albert and Bliss stay off the streets during the man’s last days on earth.

If you’re interested in helping Albert, contact Cause4Paws on their website or Facebook page, or consider making and online donation here.

Cause4Paws is planning on taking Albert and Bliss a hot Thanksgiving meal to share this holiday. This could be the last holiday they celebrate together.


On November 26th, Cause4Paws posted on the fundraiser page:

Just got back from an amazing day visiting with Albert and Bliss. My heart is still absolutely melting for such a kind and compassionate man. We were able to raise a great amount of money, so we went and bought him a new motorized wheelchair that was delivered at the same time today. He was beyond shocked. He got so excited that he was unable to talk for a few minutes due to his lungs being in such bad shape. Bliss was very shy and just sat by her daddy the whole time. I brought her a bunch of food and treats [that] I’m sure she’ll enjoy when she’s more comfortable.  We loaded Albert up with some steak and macaroni and cheese, but was more ecstatic about the homemade berry lemonade.  He still had his grocery cart filled with what belongings he did own right by his bed. I told him that we raised money to get him into a place he could call his own and he wouldn’t need that cart anymore. He just couldn’t stop saying how there really is such things as angels on this planet. He said he wants a bonsai tree to take care of.  I’m picking him up next week to go do some medical tests and get him up to date on all of his prescriptions. He said that when he was in the hospital the last time that the doctors said a pace maker was crucial for him to keep his body going. I’m asking everyone to keep this story going far and wide in hopes of someone stepping up and helping…. I’ll keep the updates coming as I see him.