Amazing Rescue and Transformation of Homeless Dog from Houston, Texas

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The following description was included with the original video on

“Pumpkin was an abused and abandoned young dog trying to survive on Houston’s harsh streets. Watch this little dog’s remarkable and inspiring story.  Oh, and a “foster failure” is a good thing.  It means the foster mom became forever mom.”

Now this is one truly amazing transformation story.  See what Pumpkin looked like while still homeless, and then compare it to what Pumpkin looks like after the wonderful rescue staff, medical staff and volunteers with the rescue group laid on some much needed TLC.  What an amazing story.  Go Pumpkin.


Untitled - pumpkin before

1.22.15 - pumpkin after

Pumpkin six weeks after being rescued.

139 thoughts on “Amazing Rescue and Transformation of Homeless Dog from Houston, Texas”

  1. To the people who rescued little pumpkin, you are heros! Had to cry when i saw this video. So glad she had a happy ending, but so sad the baby dog passed on. What brave little souls. How could anyone laugh at this, they deserve to kive the life she had to live. Thank you all for saving her!

  2. Heartbreaking to read these stores and view these photos but we have to get it across to all that animals have hearts filled with love and belong in our lives as friends and family. They give us so much and ask so little in return. I’m fortunate that I have the funds and space to adopt 6 distressed dogs and cats along the way but know I am tapped out. If everyone/family who has the ability could just adopt one distressed animal or make donations to their shelters we can help these furry friends and help put an end to the abuse! A big THANK YOU to Pumpkin’s mommy.

  3. Houston is a hellhole for many animals. There are an estimated 1 MILLION stray animals and this dog is not the worst I have seen, not the first and won’t be the last. It’s appalling and there is simply no excuse for it. I can think of many reasons why people do this, well, they’re not exactly reasons, they’re excuses, but none of them are valid. Suffice to say people are utterly irresponsible and they assume that the rest of us, will clean up their mess. Hertbreaking for all the pets, but these transformation stories give us the glimmer of hope to keep going.


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