Animal Control Officer Revives Dog After Intentional Drowning

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Leslie Badger and Foxy

A Massachusetts woman faces  animal cruelty charges for trying to kill her own dog – and a local animal control officer is being hailed a hero for using CPR to revive it.

Eyewitnesses said they watched in horror as Barbara O’Driscoll dragged her leashed 14-year-old terrier into the surf of Nantasket Beach on Tuesday afternoon. They were certain the dog was dead when she dragged it back to shore after holding it underwater. Officers arriving on the scene concurred, finding the dog, ‘Foxy’, frothing at the mouth and unconscious in the back seat of O’Driscoll’s car.

Hingham Animal Control Officer Leslie Badger came to the rescue of the drowned dog. “The last I heard they thought it passed away. When I got there it was in the back of the state trooper’s vehicle and he was trying to keep it warm.”

Badger detected a faint heartbeat and immediately placed the dog in her van in order to transport it to a vet. She held her hand on the dog’s chest to monitor heart rate and breathing. Shortly thereafter Foxy flatlined. “I realized her heart stopped and I started doing CPR in the passenger’s seat — chest compressions,” said Badger.

Those chest compressions saved Foxy’s life. She spit up sand and saltwater and resumed labored breathing before Badger rushed her to the VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in Weymouth. Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore told reporters that miraculously, Foxy is expected to make a full recovery. “I’m stunned that she survived what she went through. Just what a horrifying, terrifying experience for her,” she said.

Officers said O’Driscoll smelled of alcohol when she was booked, and kept repeating the phrase “It’s just a dog.”  The 60-year-old Cohasset woman claimed innocence in Hingham District Court Wednesday when she denied charges of animal cruelty. Judge Patrick Hurley has strictly prohibited her from owning any pets pending the outcome of the trial.

17 thoughts on “Animal Control Officer Revives Dog After Intentional Drowning”

  1. What a precious little dog! Yeah, throw the book at that drunken scumbag! How on earth do you do something like that??? Poor little thing. I HATE that phrase – “it’s just a dog” or cat or ANY animal. It’s still a living being with feelings. I hope Foxy finds a wonderful home to live the rest of her life in. I remember many, many years ago, before I even knew about pit bulls and what they do to “train” them, I was walking home with a guy I really liked and heard a dog howling in the park. Without thinking, I ran to where the sound was coming from and saw a dog hanging by it’s neck from a tree! Horrified, I screamed at the man and ran to a payphone to call 911. He of course told me to mind my own damn business and I continued to scream at him about killing the dog. Well, by the time the cops got there, the dog was no longer hanging from the tree and was walking with the guy. “see he ain’t hurt or dying. mind your business.” What could the cops do? And of course thinking back NOW, the guy could have killed me! But it never crossed my mind to do nothing! Of course, I never saw the guy I was with again! LOL!! Bottom line, if you see something, do something!

  2. I am so glad there are still caring people out there. This woman should be put in the water and drowned…brought back to life and drowned again. Un fortunately the laws are not strict enough so she probably won’t spend any time in jail… Foxy i am sending you my prayers for a speedy recovery and for you to find the perfect family who will love you with everything that’s in them… If i had been on that beach i would have stopped her and took the dog to safety…god bless those who saved her life…..

  3. And what will happed to this “lucky” dog” Will he be PUT TO DEATH if not adopted within 7 days like most rescued pets in MUNICIPAL KILL SHELTERS? Will Peta write an article again to get gratification and glory only to collect more money from naive people? LET END SLAUGHTER IN ALL AMERICAN SHELTERS!

  4. I hope they throw the book at this woman!!! This sweet dog did NOTHING to deserve this and we need tougher penalties for animal abuse!!!

  5. I call it “jail cell justice”…let the inmates “take care” of her…I hope she gets thrown in jail, what a sick, sick person…can you imagine a 14 year old (same as a 98 year old person) helpless, trusting puppy? I cannot imagine!

  6. @Katherine: This dog will go to a foster family when he’s deemed well enough to leave the vet’s ofice and will not be put down. He’s safe now.


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