Argus and Fiona’s Killer Found Guilty

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argusEarlier this year we brought you the tragic story of Argus and Fiona, two Bernese Mountain dogs that were shot and killed by their neighbor. Justice has been served as Gabriel Pilotti has been found guilty on two counts of cruelty to animals.

In February, two-year-old Argus and one-year-old Fiona escaped from the Bock family’s fenced in yard in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. The two wandered onto 73-year-old Gabriel Pilotti’s property where they were friendly and non-threatening. Despite the fact that they were causing no harm or threat Pilotti pulled out a gun and shot Argus as he trotted towards Pilotti. After Argus was shot Fiona began to retreat but Pilotti still shot at and killed her.

Argus and Fiona had only been out of their yard for 15 minutes before they were shot and killed. The Bock family and their five young children were devastated. The community was outraged by Pilotti’s actions and as word spread of the tragedy animal lovers from all over the nation were demanding justice for the two dogs.

A jury deliberated for three and half hours before finding Pilotti guilty on the two counts of cruelty towards animals. His sentencing is set for October 28thand Pilotti could face up to five years in prison.

18 thoughts on “Argus and Fiona’s Killer Found Guilty”

  1. I have a border collie and 2 beagles. I live in the country. No leash law here. My beagles love to chase rabbits. And they do NOT chase deer. Someone close by shot one of my beagles about 2 years ago. Not very good aim, because they shot her in the leg and no broken bones. All three are just the sweetest dogs, but after the one was shot, I had an underground fence installed. My dogs can’t chase rabbits now, but they are not going anywhere. Animals are God’s creation too, and we are supposed to treat them humanely. I agree with all of you, but I sure wish people in general would learn to express themselves without the nasty language.

    • The nasty language, that you so despise, is part of our human expression, I find it helps to convey the depth of our feeling, towards the sick bastard that carried out this heinous act towards this families innocent furry members.

      If you don’t like the language, then don’t you use it yourself, but don’t ever expect me to do what you want me to do, and keep your private beliefs in faerie folks, to yourself, it works both ways dearie, I don’t like your type, shoving your faith down my throat, so I will continue to use the language I want to to express myself.

  2. How about we just release this bastard into a wooded area, inhabited by a pack of hungry wolves…..and let him be eaten alive. A little canine karma.

  3. I cannot get the photo of those sweet beautiful dogs out of my mind. I wish the Bock family peace and healing. They handled themselves with grace and dignity. As for Pilotti, he is a phony and hides behind his “Christianity”. Where was all that when he chose to kill those poor creatures? He received his sentence on 10-28, and of course got no jail time. His prison will be spending the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. He must have frozen urine in his veins. He needs to know that he really did not get away with anything, and that the evil he has done will come back to him a thousandfold. Just a sorry excuse for a human being. He is fortunate indeed that those dogs he killed weren’t mine. Five minutes with him is all I would need! Having said all that,at least some sort of justice has been served. RIP Argus and Fiona.


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