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A troubling report from WKRC offers a rare insider perspective on Ohio’s hotly contested dog auctions.

The dogs auctioned come from puppy mills, where dogs spend their lives in cages making puppies to be sold to brokers in pet shops. Those breeding dogs often come from other auctions where dogs are sold to anyone who will pay. Some do not sell. Dogs without buyers are often killed.

And dogs are big business in Ohio. A local breeder sees recent protests as a threat to his way of life. “We don’t want to mistreat animals. We want to use them with respect. If everything is condemned, we ain’t going to have any.” He fears a ban on auctions would burden Ohio farmers.

One rescue group bought five of the dogs at the auction and immediately took them to a veterinarian for exams. The vet found bad teeth, two had serious ear inflections, one had splayed feet and toes from a life spent standing on cage wire, and one had its voice box removed.

Only five other states have more licensed breeders than Ohio, and that number is dwindling as other states toughen animal laws.

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32 thoughts on “Auction Block Dogs”

  1. These stories are sickening. It infuriates me. When you take in a dog or cat into your home its a life time commitment! Animals are not furniture. When they stop being cute, you do not put them out. And when taking him for a walk on rainy days is more than you can handle, you have no right to abandon him! You should have done your research before taking in that adorable dog you saw at the pet shop! People who no longer want their dogs need to find them a caring new home. Abusing and abandoning them is wrong! People need to be held criminally accountable. And, animals should not be sold by breeders or pet shops! This needs to stop! Imagine human babies being sold in the mall or breed to be sold. It sounds absurd doesn’t it.

  2. If you stop breeding animals where are you going to get your next dog? I agree we need to close down breeding farms and pet stores who sell puppies and kittens. Responsible breeders who breed to standard and to improve the breeds should be properly monitored with appropriate laws. The Animal Rights group should also be closely monitored. The Legal Animal Welfare groups should continue their important work to educate humans and provide all the care necessary for our furry friends.


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