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Austin is Super Dog Friendly

by Amy Burkert

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Ty and Buster, Life with Dogs’ travel correspondents, give you a look at the very dog friendly city of Austin, Texas.

Ty: We’re heading up the West Coast this summer, but we’re still reminiscing about the time we spent in Austin back in April.

Buster: That’s right. We’ve traveled more than 25,000 miles so far, and Austin is the most dog friendly city we’ve seen.

Ty: Austinites love their dogs – it’s clear from all the pet friendly restaurants, shops, trails, and parks.

Buster: It was heaven! DogMa and DogPa didn’t have to wonder if taking us along was going to be an issue. In Austin, dogs go everywhere.

Ty: My favorite part was having snacks at Jo’s Coffee. Mmmmmmm … muffins.

Jo's Coffee in SoCo - Austin, Texas

Buster: Of course it was – you’re always thinking with your stomach.

Ty: What’s your point?

Buster: The point is that Austin has some amazing off-leash spaces. And they don’t even have fences – just a sign that lets everyone know that dogs are allowed off leash. And, they have a dog beach!

Notice - Off Leash Area

Buster on beach in Austin

Ty: Ewwwwe! Just the thought of getting wet makes my wrinkles straighten.

Buster: Well, it’s not for everyone I guess, but some dogs were really getting into it!

Dog Jumping in Ladybird Lake

Ty: I much preferred running around in the huge (and dry) Zilker Park.

Buster: Remember watching the sun set from the trail around Ladybird Lake?

Sunset in Austin

Ty: Remember the french fries at P. Terry’s burger stand?

P. Terry's Burger Stand

Buster: Ah, Austin … we’re already looking forward to our next visit.

Is your city as pet friendly as Austin? Tell us all about it and perhaps we’ll come visit!