Bella Gets a Big Surprise!

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Bella’s got a huge surprise coming her way, but we don’t think she’s going to like it….



54 thoughts on “Bella Gets a Big Surprise!”

  1. Is this a first time introduction of cat to dog and dog to cat? And is Melanie, the “author” of the video? If so, the professors she studied animal behavior with would be appalled.

  2. Not at all very nice, poor cat is scared. Not fostering a good outcome by teasing a Boxer with a cat. Cat is scared. What are you teaching the child too that I hear giggling in back ground ? Idiots

  3. Life with Dogs should not have posted it as if it is a nice animal video. Melanie is not an expert like she thinks.

  4. I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine it was a surprise to the dog. She can smell a cat.
    Not liking this for the cat. I think the cat was afraid of the dog, and whoever is responsible for this setup, did they know that the dog would not kill the cat?


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