Blog Hop Special Edition: Pedigree’s Write a Post, Help a Dog

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If you are here, thank you. It’s apparent that you have an interest in animal welfare, or that you have come to leave a link to help spread the word about a really great, easy way to make a difference. Forgive the repetition, but if any new bloggers arrive over the weekend I want them to know how to participate, so instructions are repeated below. I would also like those of you with substantial Twitter follower numbers to consider tweeting about the idea. I will be at a company function all weekend and will have little time to mention this after Friday.

Here is the breakdown:

For each blog that posts about the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive through September 19th, PEDIGREE® will donate a bag of their new Healthy Longevity Food for Dogs to shelters nationwide. It’s simple: Write a post, help a dog.

Thursday, September 16 through Sunday, September 19,  the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers will host a Blog Hop, to help raise awareness for the “Write a post, help a dog” effort.

That’s it. No fine print. Unprepared? Go back to your blog and invest five minutes in adding yourself to the list. You’ll feed dogs in need and feel great about doing it.

Please post and retweet and share. We have days to add to the numbers!

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72 thoughts on “Blog Hop Special Edition: Pedigree’s Write a Post, Help a Dog”

  1. Rocking the world with Rescue in every way imaginable! Thanks ya’ll- what a fantastic group of bloggers! Have a great day!

  2. I worked really hard last night and got mine all done! I posted this morning but seeing as I am PST time it is already lunch for most of you!

  3. Our jewel was one of nine puppies found in a dumpster in georgia!!! they were brought up by a rescue organization my Dog Sitter Kelly Rausch Hannah whom helped find home for all we already had 4 Beagles and didnt really want another dog !lol (before i came into Steve s life he was living a dog free life!) Cody the “monster” food raider ( could reach 6 1/2 feet in his hayday!0 converted Steve . When i first saw Jewel she looked Beaglish and she just jumped and cried to reach me over the other s LOL my 49 th birthday coming up and Cody wasnt doing so well (he had had surgery) and developed arthritis. After alot back and forth we brought Jewel home and something magical happened ! jessie the small Beagle took jewel under her wing all the other dogs respect and almost feared Cody not Jewel she jollied him along til he accepted her C.J. put her inher place Annie was the only one ( the “baby” ) of our pack)that had issue Nowa year 1/2 later they are a definite pack ( so far one woodchuck, one feral cat and 3 birds ( jewely sntches them out the air and one mouse)we ve tried to dissuade Jewel from the birds werent even aware that cat existed ! Jewel isa love puppy loves us and all the dogs !! life had definitely been better ! Jewel came witha discount spy cert and Pedigree puppy food!!!Tahnks Pedigree Sharon McDonald


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