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Like all the best brands in the world, Blue Buffalo believes that your pet is your family. That’s why they take extraordinary care to ensure that everything going into making their dog and puppy food is not only of high quality but also natural. Blue Buffalo is by far one of the most popular brands in the nation today.

That’s why we are going to tell you a little about the company and touch on a few of the different types of dog foods that they offer so that you are acquainted with what might be the number one dog food brand you didn’t know about.


A Little About Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is an American pet food company that was founded just a little over a decade ago. This is technically a family run business and the idea to start Blue Buffalo came about when the founding family’s pet developed some health issues that needed special attention. Started by a father and his two sons, the family started looking for ways to develop their own dog food that was focused on not only improving but also maintaining the health of their pet.

What they came up with was a wide variety of pet foods that followed different formulas to achieve specific health objectives for their pet and America as a whole. The pet food options provided by Blue Buffalo are grain-free meaning that they don’t contain any corn grains, soy flour or wheat grains. What stands out the most about this brand is that they use real meat as part of their various recipes which makes their dog food that much tastier for your furry friend.


What’s So Special about Blue Buffalo?

The thing about Blue Buffalo is that they take the time to come up with formulas that are specifically tailored to all kinds of dogs. Because this company was founded on the premise of trying to find the best nutritional solution for an ailing family pet, the owners are dead set on only giving your pet the best kind of food that is not only going to be tasty but also has a whole lot of health benefits to boot.

Each one of their breed and dog-size specific recipes are tailor-made to provide your hound with the energy and national value that they need at every stage of their lives. There is a whole list of Blue Buffalo pet food varieties from which you can choose from:

  • Large puppy grain-free wet food
  • Small senior dry dog food with grains
  • Medium adult grain-free food

Blue Buffalo is all about giving you an amazing range of choices from which to choose. Not only are the formulas nutritionally sound but they also come in a wide range of flavors such as turkey and potato, lamb and even garden vegetables.


The Quality of Ingredients Used in Blue Buffalo Dog Food

One of the main selling points for Blue Buffalo is the fact that they make their pet food as holistic and as healthy as possible. The way they do that is to use only natural ingredients provided to the company by American suppliers.

Additionally, Blue Buffalo has patented LifeSource® bits that are found in every bag of pet food that they sell. These LifeSource® bits are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are carefully chosen because they have cancer-fighting properties. The patented LifeSource® bits were created with the help of highly qualified veterinarians in conjunction with the country’s leading animal nutritionists.


The Benefits of Blue Buffalo

By now you have probably already started to see why so many people love Blue Buffalo as a brand. Apart from the fact that their pet foods are clearly formulated from a place of love, other benefits come with giving your dog food that’s specially and carefully crafted by the professionals at Blue Buffalo. Some of the benefits that come with buying Blue Buffalo dog food include:

  • Suitable for dogs and puppies that are gluten-intolerant
  • Doesn’t have any ambiguous by-product fillers
  • Doesn’t contain any non-natural add-ins nor preservatives. In fact, these dog foods do not even contain any dye or anything synthetic that would interfere with or affect your dog’s stomach and health
  • The long list of options includes special and diverse alternatives that cater to people with dogs and puppies which have various sensitivities

Now that you know just how good these foods are, let’s take a quick look at a couple from the many diverse options available on offer.


Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review

Blue Buffalo realizes that puppy food should be all about laying the best possible foundation for your puppy’s nutritional growth and health. That is why their puppy-centric kibbles are specifically engineered to achieve that, and the Blue Freedom Grain Free Puppy Dry isn’t an exception to that rule.

Blue Freedom Grain Free Puppy Dry Review


  • This is a special puppy-sized kibble specifically designed for those adorable small jaws
  • Contains calcium, vitamin A and phosphorous to facilitate optimal bone development
  • Has high-quality protein content as well as L-Carnitine for healthy muscle growth


  • None that we could find


Blue Homestyle Recipe Wet

If you want to mix things up a bit for your furry little friend, why not give him/her something other than dry food? The Blue Homestyle Recipe Wet is the perfect chow to get your puppy excited and surprised every now and again.



  • Is made with healthy potatoes, carrots and a host of other garden vegetables that are a healthy source of vitamins and carbohydrates for your growing friend
  • It contains 0.5% fish oil DHA for better brain function, vision and brain growth
  • It has flaxseed which makes it a rich antioxidant meal


  • A bit pricier than regular dry foods

These are just two options chosen to show you how diverse the range of selection is when dealing with Blue Buffalo as a brand. The best part is that all the options are available are specifically formulated to provide your pet with every nutritional value that they might need.