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Book Giveaway Week: Day 1


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stay cover

As mentioned last week, I’m going to spend this week out and about with the dogs, and in order to make sure the lights stay on here I wanted to take this week to say thanks to our readers by offering a little in the way of freebie fun. It’s a win-win proposition – I get to escape the computer and you get a daily shot at taking home a great summer read. So let’s revisit the entry rules before I let you know about today’s free book.

This is an easy contest, but please note that it will only be open to e-mail subscribers. Want to subscribe and get in on a chance to win? Simply click here.  Great. Now that you’re signed up, here is how it works:

As an e-mail subscriber, you will receive a copy of our daily digest. Please read it to see which book is being offered – or better yet visit our site. In order to appease the crazy cat sweater ladies keep things interesting I’ve thrown a cat book in the mix. To enter, you only need to reply to your daily digest e-mail with “Enter me” in the subject of the e-mail. Entrants for each day will be plugged into in order to keep the drawing fair and unbiased.  Randomizer will pick a winner and I’ll let you know if you have scored. How is that for easy?

Let’s take a look at today’s offering – it’s a great looking book called Stay by Allie Larkin. Please remember – I have not read these books myself, so I am in no position to offer a review. Instead, I’ll give you a look at some of the back cover reviews here:

stay allie larkin reviews

Sounds great to me – if only I had the time! Since I don’t, it’s time for you to send me that entry e-mail so that you may read this one and tell me how it turns out. Good luck!

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