Brady the Guilty Dog Ate Someone Else’s Cookies

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When Santa visited Brady’s home, he found no cookies to eat. The humans left cookies out for the big guy, but someone ate them before Santa arrived. Could it have been the dog? Watch the video and see what the dog had to say.

0 thoughts on “Brady the Guilty Dog Ate Someone Else’s Cookies”

  1. I strongly dislike these videos of shaming a Dog for a transgression due to their Owner’s actions. 90% of these incidents could be alleviated by putting something out of their reach or in a closed closet or cupboard. To think it is funny to film a scared dog is abusive…….the owner is the one who should be shamed.

  2. She’s an idiot. What does it matter. Give him a hug and let him know you love him. A cookie is a cookie. I can’t believe anyone would do their baby this way. His little heart is broken.


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