Bad Neighbors vs. Pooper Scooper

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Residents of a new apartment complex in Lebanon NH will not be able to give that furtive sidelong glance and leave the poop behind while walking their dogs, at least not without consequence. The apartment manager means business and will conduct DNA tests on any future evidence left at the scene.

Timberwood Commons apartment complex manager Debbie Violette has sent notice to residents that they must clean up after their dogs or face potential fines. She has purchased commercially available animal DNA test kits, and resident dogs will have saliva swab samples on file for matching against evidence sent to the lab for testing.

This comes as a last resort after dog waste was found all over the lawns and walkways of the new complex, which Ms. Violette is determined to keep clean. Presumably, the possibility of DNA testing will be an effective deterrent.

Resident Billy Clough has weighed the issue and says the prospect of DNA testing seems “way over the top,” but acknowledges the unpleasant aspect of those surprises left by thoughtless neighbors. “Coming out in your dress shoes first thing in the morning, you step in a pile. That’s no fun.”

29 thoughts on “Bad Neighbors vs. Pooper Scooper”

  1. PRECISELY why pets are NOT allowed in most State and Federal parks. IDIOT owners! Same reason shelters are full as well, not the breeders alone.

  2. That’s silly. Those tests are bogus, and they won’t identify a specific DOG, they purport to tell you what breeds your dog is comprised of, and they tested them, and they don’t work.

  3. I always pick up after mine! I bring more than enough bags with me. On Sunday when was in the park a man came over to me to borrow one as he had changed his coat & forgot to transfer them!

  4. I have been dying to come up with a solution to this problem! This woman is my hero! Now if only we can do fingerprint analysis on litter and charge $500 per piece of litter on the roadways…..the world would be a VERY happy place for me. 🙂

  5. Picking up after your dog is one of the responsibilty of being a pet parent. I don’t want my dog or me stepping on a poop left behind by an irresponsible owner.

  6. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to just pick up after your dog. I once peeked into one of the local shops just to ask for a grocery bag to pick up after my mother’s dog, because I didn’t think to grab a baggie before taking her outside. This is the reason many parks don’t allow dogs, and why it’s so hard to find an apartment that allows pets that aren’t in tanks…

    It is pretty ridiculous how some owner’s are oblivious to their dog. I work at the Petsmart in my town, and am amazed to watch owners just let their dogs go potty or mark in the store, but can’t be bothered to use one of the many “Oops Stations” to clean up after it.

    I don’t like finding another dog’s doo in my yard, so I wouldn’t expect anyone to enjoy stumbling upon my dog’s poo.


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