Budweiser Knows Dog Friends Are Waiting

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9.24.14 - Budweiser Knows Dog Friends Are Waiting1


Don’t drink and drive – a message that is commonly said, but seldom heeded by many party-goers.  Budweiser’s latest ad reminds viewers to drink responsibly because of the furry friends waiting for them to come home.

Most dog owners would do anything for their pets, and one of them should be choosing not to drive when they’ve been drinking.


9.24.14 - Budweiser Knows Dog Friends Are Waiting2


The ad creators aimed to convey “a more emotional tone” in the fight against drunk driving just in time for Anheuser-Busch’s 5th annual Global Be(er) Responsible day, which was last Friday.

“For some, the waiting never ended… Make a plan to make it home.  Your friends are counting on you.”

67 thoughts on “Budweiser Knows Dog Friends Are Waiting”

  1. OMG, what an awesome commercial. Right to the point, I hope people watch this and think twice before they drive and drink.

  2. So its ok to go out all night and leave your dog home alone, whats wrong with public transport or cab? Poor dog sitting waiting for an inconsiderate owner

      • No YOU are an idiot. It’s “responsible” to not come home to your RESPONSIBILITY? Good on them for not driving drunk, but maybe they should have thought about their priority first. Made sure you had a planned way home or someone to take care of his pet. So YOU my friend are the idiot.


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