Buffalo Dogs Take on the Blizzard

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If you’re somewhere warm and/or precipitation free, be very thankful – this writer is in Buffalo, battling five feet of snow right now! It’s nothing new to us, but it’s always an adventure for our pups. We’re used to people knocking us for our insanely snowy weather, which, to be fair, really isn’t as frequent as they’d like to believe.  And it makes us and our dogs tough!


See the storm roll into South Buffalo and the southtowns… it just doesn’t stop!



Now watch the dogs react to it!













32 thoughts on “Buffalo Dogs Take on the Blizzard”

  1. My Shepherd loves snow…but as he is older now and arthritic, this would actually have killed him. We have had just an inch or so of snow here. While he is ok in the house, as soon as cold hits his feet and knees, his back end just seizes. I have to use a harness to help him in the yard since the temps dipped. I feel very badly for the pets in Buffalo in a similar predicament as my boy. A couple of years ago, though, he would have been thrilled to bits with the snow!


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