Caitlyn, the Dog Found With Her Muzzle Taped, One Year Later

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6.1.16 - Caitlyn the Taped Dog, One Year Later2


Remember Caitlyn?  She was the dog who was found with her muzzle taped so tightly closed that it nearly killed her.  But now, one year later, she’s been the face for scads of fundraisers for abused and injured animals, and is thriving in her foster home, which is soon to be her forever home.

The 15-month-old chocolate pit bull mix was found on the porch of a South Carolina resident who called 911 after seeing what horrible shape she was in.


6.1.16 - Caitlyn the Taped Dog, One Year Later3


“I have a dog that’s here at my house that I found and the dog’s mouth is taped shut with electrical tape, tongue hanging out its mouth, bleeding, and his tongue is completely black,” a 911 caller said, according to ABC affiliate WCIV. “I just don’t know what to do.”

She was taken to Charleston Animal Society, who got her immediate medical attention.  The blood flow had been completely cut off from her tongue, making the situation quite delicate.  When the tape was removed, Caitlyn screamed in excruciating pain.


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“To leave this dog in pain, unable to eat or drink, and to now leave her in the position where her life is at stake because she may lose her tongue is heartbreaking,” said Aldwin Roman of the CAS.

Caitlyn needed surgery on her badly lacerated cheek, numerous laser surgeries for facial scarring, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and surgery on a wounded salivary gland.  Cold laser therapy and the oxygen treatments greatly reduced the amount of tissue loss from her tongue damage.


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A fundraiser was set up for her care, and because of the widespread media attention, over $150,000 was donated.  This is far more than she needed, and the excess has been used to help all the other animals in need at CAS.

Caitlyn overcame her horrific treatment to become a canine ambassador for abuse victims, and her story has inspired cities nationwide to harshen punishments against animal abusers.  At their requests, she met singer/actor Rick Springfield and chef Alton Brown of Food Network when they were in the area.


6.1.16 - Caitlyn the Taped Dog, One Year Later7


She’s been featured on magazine covers and even posed with Charleston firefighters for their 2016 and 2017 calendars, the proceeds of which go to CAS’ medical fund.  On May 3rd, $160,000 was raised during CAS’ Lowcountry Giving Day, partly because of Caitlyn’s presence.  And most recently, she was the guest of honor at Caitlyn’s Anti-Cruelty Fund’s gala, which raised another $75,000.

Much of this is possible thanks to the wonderful foster family that has been caring for Caitlyn since last June.  She loves playing and snuggling with her foster siblings – canine and human, and going for five-mile runs with her mom.  When the trial for her abuser is finished this summer, she will no longer be a foster dog, but a forever dog.


6.1.16 - Caitlyn the Taped Dog, One Year Later6


6.1.16 - Caitlyn the Taped Dog, One Year Later1

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  1. I hope they found the creep that did this. We need to tape his or her mouth shut for a few days…Unbelievable how people have become….sick sick sick person to have done this to a poor innocent animal.
    We need to start throwing these misfits in jail and lose the keys.

    • I wondered what happened to this lovely dog… even though he is scarred he looks so happy…did they ever find who committed this crime?

      • Do people who comment only read the first paragraph of articles? Read the WHOLE THING! It says what happened to the dog, what her future will be & that of her abuser.

        • Amen! I see this all the time. Especially on sale sites. All info is on it and people turn around and ask questions that’s clearly stated.

          • Blame it on No Child Left Behind and the shift in public education from teaching to the smartest kid in the class and the rest of the class struggling to stay even…to teaching to the slowest kid in the class while the rest of the class daydreams.

          • Not at all stupid to comment about the abuser. Read the article! It ends with “When the trial for her abuser is finished this summer, she will no longer be a foster dog, but a forever dog.” Summer is long over. Presumably, the abuser was sentenced. Maybe the shelter knows what sentence the abuser received. I will contact to find out.

      • As I recall, the guy got her for $10 from some woman and got tired of her barking so taped her mouth shut. Then the guy bragged about it, the woman heard about it and told authorities. You can find some of this information if you go back a year or so on the Charleston Animal Society’s Facebook page. I would like to know what happens to this scum.

    • I agree. This story was so sad, imagine that his tongue was literally black no oxygen it is a miracle that the dog survived. The ting that hurts the most is that dogs just love nconditionally they do not care about how you look what you weigh or how much money you have, they just want to be loved and taken care of. Not much to ask for the joy that they give back.

  2. Melanie , As I was sitting here looking over news that interests me I noticed this situation about Caitlyn ; I stopped…. had a good hard cry . As I read on about Caitlyn and thought to myself.her past maybe nothing but hardships she has had to over come but her future is amazing . She has had to over come so much hate , anger , abuse , neglect , and only she knows in her mind what it was like . I did notice her story from a picture awhile back I saw online with that muzzle taped to her face and just looking at her face I was afraid to read on for fear of a much worse turn out for her . As I am now reading your article on Caitlyn and see that amazing things have come her way and other animals because of her it fills me with more Hope for us all . As for the Criminal’s involved with her abuse I am in agreement with others here as to what should happen to them . Thank you for posting this and I am elated to see that happy endings really do come true .

  3. Animal abuse of this sort is rampant in the South. Not to say it cannot nor does not happen in other areas, but it happens in the South and in major US cities that have a high “minority” population. I know that some people reading this will claim to be “outraged” but you know exactly what I am talking about. Every town has an area of where these ‘people” can be seen having these poor animals tied out on chains and ropes in a backyard, or the dogs are wandering the streets. These “people” only own an animal to show off to others of their ilk, or to guard the property, or for breeding and pit or ring fighting purposes. Like everything else that they do in life, they bring pain, despair, and trouble for the innocent animals and for other people.

    You know who I’m talking about.

    • Really? Really? You are an IDIOT raised by shallow rollers. Go to the library, big building with books and assuming you can read, read the history of dog fighting and abuse. When you’re done, just run right into traffic and do the world a favor. People like you need to back to your caves and keep playing with the excrement that runs out of the backside cause your need to blame minorities for everything just proves who the real problems are in the world.

    • I can’t even believe what I just read. You are an absolute disgrace. Did you know if you lived in the UK and wrote that you would get prosecuted? Dear god, I despair that people like you exist.

    • Yeah. Hate to say it but you are right a thousand percent. But you forgot to say the real truth. It’s poor black people. They treat animals like crap bc they are animals themselves

      • Well I am a Afro American. I am sorry you feel that way. I rescued a pit bull from the shelter not to fight her but to give her a loving home. Today she is healthy happy and loves people she has no anger against any human because she was shown love and respect, and she deeply feels that everyday.

        • Kay says on—- You know it’s a sad time when a person has to identify his race…heartbreaking. It’s like all that MLK did for all people back in the 60s is just for naught now. I’m white by the way and remember MLK and the Kennedy brothers as well even though I was only 10 yrs old. Thank god my mom raised us kids to be color blind.. Thanks for rescuing your dog and oh yeah, I rescued one too ?????

  4. This sob will have to pay for his bad karma for many lives to come. May God bless the dog with love and support.

  5. If anyone wants to comme about my spelling go for it. I am so pissed off causecafter that person posted the comment about demographics right away she got backlash. Well the responses would not have been so meaningful if there was no truth. ,. Poor dog, I hope the rape him over and over 9n prison. Piece of shit

  6. Every ‘ demographic’ has it’s psychologically impaired.. So at the end of the day… Sickos come in all colors, just the same as good, decent people do.. So keep that racism to yourself please. I’m just happy for the way things turned out for Caitlyn…. BY THE WAY..I’M AFRICAN AMERICAN, AND I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT OR CONDONE ABUSE, BE IT HUMAN OR ANIMAL.. RT

    • Very well said.
      There is good and bad in every race, colour creed and community. The main thing is that the animal is safe now thank god and we should all concentatre on that, not who has what and lives where.
      If we all worked togther we could do so much more good, I am white and English, I do not consider myself better or worse than anyone else who has written a comment on here.
      We all started reading this article for the same reason, to discover the outcome of the story, hoping and praying the dog survived and the abuser was punished.
      Black, white, yellow, green or blue if we could only work together we can help save more creatures and hopefully overcome any racial, colour or community differences that people have. We all seem to have the same goal, if we can focus on that and not the colour of the person standing beside us we will acheive things so much quicker, get a better understanding of people before judging and most importantly save more lives,


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