CAPS vs. Bauck: How a small nonprofit brought down a large puppy mill

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A CAPS documentary on the Kathy Bauck investigation that resulted in a criminal conviction and USDA license termination is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in animal advocacy.

Those who can handle the noise, filth, and abuse exposed by investigators who fought to free those powerless to fight for themselves will be rewarded by witnessing the takedown of a monstrosity. While Bauck has lost her USDA license, her attorney confirms that she is still selling dogs: the USDA has no jurisdiction over the internet.

*warning: VERY graphic images

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25 thoughts on “CAPS vs. Bauck: How a small nonprofit brought down a large puppy mill”

  1. This was very hard to watch but i’m glad I did. CAPS, you did an awesome job. Can CAPS put any heat on the lawmakers where this is happeneing to get them to change their state law, to make it a felony in a case like this? I’m a police off. in LA. & we have a state law that makes it a felony under certain circumstances. This lady would soooo qualify! She makes me sick. I hope when she gets old, she gets put in a nursing home that has no regulations, the so called nurses don’t give a damn about her & & she nightmares every night about all the dogs she has hurt & she lingers for years in her own urine & feces. Whew, I’m just gettin started!

  2. Oh dear Lord, Please tell me You have a special place in Hell for people like this woman who abuse animals!!!

    I’m sorry, I did not have the strength to watch this entire video, actually only watched the first four and a half minutes! I then had to go scoop up my little Yorkie girl, hugging her so hard I almost squished my little princess!

    I want that woman to face jail time, not just lose the ability to sell animals. I’d like to see her in a jail cell with no bathroom facilities or bed- allow her a few years to live in the same manner she provided for the animals in her “care”! I’m sure it wouldn’t bother her too much, after all, she thought it was perfectly fine for the animals! Ooh, I can’t begin to explain the level of anger I have right now for this “human” (b/c I’m not real sure if she is human!)


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