PUPDATE! The NJ dog left to drown in a cage is now looking for his forever home.

River’s rescuer had initially planned to adopt him, but her other dog found the situation too stressful. Jennifer Vaz said surrendering him was the hardest thing she ever had to do.

PUPDATE! Woman arrested in connection with viral dog-dumping video in Missouri

Ashley Nicole Devine, of Springfield, MO, was arrested and booked in the Greene County Jail for Animal Neglect and Abandonment (Class C Misdemeanor).

Bad-boy dog in Canada “Arrested” for Picking Fight With Deer

Finn, said owner Emme Thompson, didn’t enjoy the bath he got after the incident was over as he’s trying to cultivate a bad-boy image!

Philly Cops Bust Dog Fight In Progress; Four Dogs Rescued, 14 People Arrested

Four dogs are now in the custody of the PSPCA, receiving treatment after being rescued from an active dog-fighting ring in South Philadelphia.