Miracle Dog Wins an Award for Surviving a Fall Down a 60-Foot Concrete Dam

“The firefighter carried her up the ladder, hypothermia was setting in & she was slipping in & out of consciousness, but she still managed to nuzzle his cheek.”

Special Needs Dog Is Rescued from Neglectful Family and Adopted By Foster Mom

According to Gwenn of Pug Nation, Bella looks like she’s part penguin, part seal and part Pug but in truth she’s all dog and just wants hugs and kisses.

UPDATE:  Dog Brutally Thrown Off Roof by Medical Students Completely Recovers and Is Adopted

“When a dream becomes reality! Today, I am very, very happy to share that Bhadra is FAMILY… She is full of life, very happy, playful and a content kid.”

Boy Tries to Sell His Prized Possession to Get a Street Dog Urgent Medical Attention

“Rocco runs slowly, but at least he is already running. Mauco is very happy. Things have not been easy for our family lately, but he never lost his love for animals.”