Animal Torture & Neglect Charges Filed Against Dog Rescue Director

An Iowa woman is facing serious, multiple charges following an animal neglect case wherein rescuers took in 19 animals, saving them from horrendous conditions.

Street Dog Trapped in a Barrel of Tar Is Saved!

The poor girl had been without water for so long that she happily guzzled down bowl after bowl during the painstaking, several hours-long process of removing the tar.

Puppy With Burned Face Is Rescued and Doing Great In the Care of a Loving Foster Family

“His eyes checked out perfectly OK, which we’re thrilled about. He can see perfectly well, there’s no scarring.”

Handsome may Have Been Badly Burned in a Fire, but His Spirit and Love Survived Unscathed

He’s so full of love and so full of energy, and all he wants in life is some people to make happy.