The veterinarian said this street dog would never walk again….


Iron was found by the side of the road, dragging his legs. These days, he’s chasing his siblings around the farm.

Left for Dead, Thor Inspired Instead!

thor combo

Thor’s dramatic journey is a roller coaster ride that begins with heartbreak and ends with happiness and inspiration.

Connor Has Been Cleared for Adoption After a lot of Hard Work to Get Him as Mobile as Possible

6.17.17 ConnorFEAT

Connor was accidentally paralyzed when he was very small, and has worked very hard to become available for adoption!

Man Makes Super Cool Doggy Wheelchairs for the Dogs in a Taiwanese Shelter

6.15.17 wheelchair dogsFEAT

“The first dog recovered completely after using the wheelchair, which gave me a lot of confidence,” said Chieh. After that, he just kept going.

Paralyzed, Impregnated, and Then Abandoned

5.29.17 Paralyzed Pregnant and Abandoned6

Not long after being rescued, Maria gave birth to seven healthy, adorable puppies. They were called the Von Dapp family (after the Von Trapps, but dappled). <3