Wounded soldier & injured military dog are reunited, recovering together


“A lot of people call him a dog,” says Army Spc. Alec Alcoser of his dog and partner, Alex, “but I think he’s a little more than that. He’s a soldier.”

Abandoned Philly Dog Named for Rocky’s Fighting Spirit After Being Left to Die


Sly was 50 pounds underweight and had an intestinal blockage when humane officers found him. Now on the road to recovery, his case is being investigated.

The Dog Ate My Binky! Vet Removes 21 Pacifiers From Dog’s Tummy

image 26

The disappearing pacifiers were a mystery to mom and dad for some time. Luckily, grandma caught the binky thief in action and the situation was remedied!

The Epic Instagram Saga of Hank and His Hippo BFF Will Have You ROFL

7.27.17 Hank and His Hippo BFF Will Have You ROFL4

Everything was going well till one morning staff found Hippo nearly decapitated, with stuffing everywhere. Did Hank really have it in him to kill his best friend? <3