Dog’s Neck Pierced With Hook, Tow Chain in Detroit. They Named Him “Courage.”

Though he endured conditions rescuers described as “horrific,” Courage is on his way to recovery. An investigation is underway to determine who is responsible.

Violet Nearly Died From Injuries Caused By Human Hair Dye

Violet’s rescuers didn’t know if she’d survive the night when she came into the shelter badly burned, but her story has a happy ending! Warning: graphic images.

Dog Dragged Behind Van Headed To A New Life in the Rockies

With his terrible injuries healed at last, this beautiful survivor is headed to a wonderful forever home with lots of hiking in his future.

Curly Nearly Drowned in Harvey’s Floodwaters, Then His Owner Couldn’t Take Him Back….

Curly has been through so much and just wants a family to love. He is available through Animal Rescue of New Orleans.

Wilma Has a Rough Start in Life, and Will Needs Humans to Help Her Feel Safe

Beautiful Wilma is shy, but that’s not all. Once you do gain her trust, you’ll find out that she’s a big sweetie who only exists to make you happy.