Dallas was nearly killed due to breed-specific legislation. Now he’s a police dog.


Another success story for the Throwaway Dogs Project, which took a hapless victim of the legal system and turned him into a happy, healthy police dog.

Philly Cops Bust Dog Fight In Progress; Four Dogs Rescued, 14 People Arrested


Four dogs are now in the custody of the PSPCA, receiving treatment after being rescued from an active dog-fighting ring in South Philadelphia.

Man Exonerated After 38 Years Reunites With The Pup He Raised In Prison

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Malcolm Alexander was wrongfully imprisoned for nearly four decades. While incarcerated, he promised his puppy, named Innocence, that one day, they’d be free.

Dog Dragged Behind Van Headed To A New Life in the Rockies

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With his terrible injuries healed at last, this beautiful survivor is headed to a wonderful forever home with lots of hiking in his future.