Texas Marine who adopted, then returned sailor’s dog tries again

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Peyton Manning adopts tiny, two-pound rescue pup

Rescued from an abusive, neglectful situation, the tiny pup will be spending the rest of her days living large with the former NFL star’s family!

Watch Marine veteran reunite with stolen service dog

There was some serious wiggle going on as an Indianapolis veteran was reunited with a service dog who’d been stolen along with an SUV this week.

Mervin is cranky. And noisy. And beloved beyond belief.

Mervin had been through a lot when he was brought into the shelter. But once Joey brought him home as a foster, it was apparent Mervin wasn’t going back!

Former President Bush welcomes new service dog to Kennebunkport compound

Former President George H.W. Bush welcomed a new family member to his Kennebunkport pack recently. His name is Sully.