Dallas was nearly killed due to breed-specific legislation. Now he’s a police dog.


Another success story for the Throwaway Dogs Project, which took a hapless victim of the legal system and turned him into a happy, healthy police dog.

Philly Cops Bust Dog Fight In Progress; Four Dogs Rescued, 14 People Arrested


Four dogs are now in the custody of the PSPCA, receiving treatment after being rescued from an active dog-fighting ring in South Philadelphia.

Felon Was Completely Shut Down, Until His Mom Found The Perfect Way To Heal Him….


When Felon’s mom saved him from being euthanized, the former fighting dog was sad, scared & closed off. And then he met Envy.

Kisses, Cuddles & Soon … A Forever Family: Irma Refugee Duncan On His Way To Sweet New Life

image 8

Looking for a cuddle partner in Atlanta? Duncan’s getting lots of hugs at the shelter but what he really needs is a permanent family to love him forever.