These Sweet Seniors Spent Their Lives Amid The Cruelty of a Dog Fighting Ring….

King and Rita Sue were two of many dogs rescued by the Humane Society of the United States from an organized dog fighting ring late last year.

“Happy” Ending for Former Bait Dog in Alabama

She was next in line to be sacrificed, but rescuers stepped in just in time. Now she and two other dogs have beautiful new lives in loving homes.

Practically Blind Pittie Gets Contacts; Now Loves Staring in Mirror!

Gremlin’s failing eyesight was really cutting into her quality of life. Now that she wears contacts, say her owners, she’s back to her happy, energetic self.

Thirty Dogs Are Rescued and Three Men Are Facing Animal Cruelty Changes and More in Fighting Bust

Three men from Louisiana are facing felony animal cruelty charges, along with many, many more in connection with a dog fighting ring bust.

Sir Patrick Stewart’s Love for His Foster Pit Bull Has Inspired Him to #GetTough on Dog Fighting

PIT BULL PARENTS – post selfies with your pibbles with the hashtag #GetTough to show your love for them and your stance against dog fighting! <3