Honest Kitchen


Pet owners are looking to natural pet food brands for comfort and peace of mind when feeding their pets. Honest Kitchen makes food products and treats for cats and dogs and is based out of San Diego, California. The company was founded in 2002 and remained a husband and wife team for a few years …

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Grandma Lucy’s

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A family owned and operated company since 1999; Grandma Lucy’s is a pet food brand that caters to dogs and cats. They are based out of Rancho Santa Margarita, California and have distributors throughout the US and Canada. Their products can also be purchased online. Grandma Lucy’s specializes in freeze-dried pet food and treats. They …

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Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews


There is no doubt that you want the best for your dog. As the owner of a pure-bred puppy or dog, finding the right kind of food specially formulated to cater to your dog’s particular breed can be more than just challenging. Thankfully, this Eukanuba dog food review will give you some insight into one …

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EarthBorn Dog Food


If the name EarthBorn didn’t already give it away, then the slogan definitely will: “Love Your Pet. Love Your Planet.” EarthBorn is an eco-conscious pet food company that prides itself in providing its customers with holistic dry and moist pet foods for both cats and dogs. The company does more than just talk about being …

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EarthBorn Dog Food Reviews


There isn’t a single “magical dog food” out there that is good for every dog. Just as it’s the case with humans, some dogs thrive on foods that would make other dogs sick. It’s all about finding the right dog food for your particular pooch. That is why it’s essential to read as many dog …

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