Dogs are a man’s best friend, so why shouldn’t they be treated as such? Dogswell produces dog food and treats that help aid in a few different areas of health in man’s best friend. Founded in 2003, the company has undergone a few changes since then.   Most recently they have redesigned their packaging, website, …

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Dave’s Pet Food Review

Dave’s Pet Food isn’t like many of the big brand pet food companies on the market today. The main difference doesn’t stem from the pet food quality but from the fact that Dave does most of the marketing and selling himself. Today, Dave’s Pet Food is sold in well over 2,000 stores across the U.S, …

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Blue Buffalo

Like all the best brands in the world, Blue Buffalo believes that your pet is your family. That’s why they take extraordinary care to ensure that everything going into making their dog and puppy food is not only of high quality but also natural. Blue Buffalo is by far one of the most popular brands …

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Little Boy Goes To Shelter And Adopts The Oldest Dog There

Seniors like Shey often languish at the shelter due to their age and special needs. Luckily, Tristan saw beyond all that and now they are happy as can be!