Dog and Pony Show: Terrier and her BFF are the best thing you’ll see today!


Dally and Spanky are an impressive and dynamic duo when they soar over the jumps!

Courtney fostered hundreds of animals without a “failure,” until she met the sick, little pit bull who changed her life.


Courtney is chronically ill. She spends lots of time at home and so decided to take up fostering animals to keep her company. Then, she met Indigo….

Hero dog honored by Mesa FD for saving his fellow pooch from drowning

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Remus saved his pal Smokey from drowning back in April. This week, firefighters honored him for his bravery while highlighting the importance of pool safety.

Senior pup Layla transformed the life of this 104-year-old man


When several rescues refused to adopt to a man his age, Milt Lessner turned to Lionel’s Legacy and found love with little Layla.