Woman Heroically Smashes the Window of a Mercedes With a Car Jack to Save a Roasting Dog

6.26.17 Woman Smashes Mercedes Window With Car Jack to Save Dog3

“I was trying with all my might to get to this poor dog, but I couldn’t physically break the window. My hands were bleeding and I was beginning to fear the worst.” <

Puppy on the Brink of Death Heroically Saved from a 130-Degree Car

6.22.17 Puppy Rescued from Hot Car6

If it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot on asphalt or to sit in an un-air conditioned car for a few minutes, it’s too hot for your dogs – leave them at home! <

Good Samaritan Smashes a Car Window to Save a Dog Who Was Baking to Death

4.26.17 Man Smashes Car Window to Save Dog3

“That poor dog was absolutely boiling with no water and no air. You couldn’t even touch the roof of the car. I would do what I did again any time if I needed to.” <3