PUPDATE! The NJ dog left to drown in a cage is now looking for his forever home.

River’s rescuer had initially planned to adopt him, but her other dog found the situation too stressful. Jennifer Vaz said surrendering him was the hardest thing she ever had to do.

Better scoop that evidence! DNA testing to bust irresponsible dog owners is catching on

Fed up by dog owners who fail to scoop their poop, a small town in Italy is using science to deter the practice. Some U.S. communities are doing it, too!

River was saved from drowning by a good Samaritan. Now she plans to adopt him.

NJ Police are searching for the person believed to have left River to drown, trapped in a wire cage as the tide came in. He is now safe and sound.

Dog stolen by Amazon delivery driver returned after owner emails Jeff Bezos

A UK man is thrilled to have his dog, Wilma, back after Amazon intervened to investigate her disappearance.