Watch Carlos’ journey from sickly Puerto Rican street dog to beloved family nanny

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Carlos was in such bad shape when they found him. Vets even determined he had a machete wound! But these days he is living the sweet life with his new family.

This 6-year-old boy has helped save more than 1,000 dogs from kill shelters

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Inspired by their own rescue dog, Roman McConn and his mother set out on a rescue journey that has thus far saved 1.050 dogs from Texas kill shelters.

Jonny & Xena: Boy with autism has an incredible bond with his rescue dog

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Jonny and his rescue dog Xena, through their unique bond, are sharing their story and touching hearts all over the world.

Hero Heeler! Missing Girl Kept Safe By Blind, Deaf Senior Dog


Three-year-old Aurora may have been lost in the wilds of Australia, but she wasn’t alone. Max stayed by her side throughout the 16-hour ordeal.