DIGGY CAN STAY! Charges Dropped Against the Smiling Dog Who Broke the Internet!

Though Diggy’s “happy ever after” was in jeopardy for awhile, the courts have at last ruled that he can stay with his new forever family.

Man Gets Animal Cruelty Charges After Daughter Films Him Scaring Dog with Fireworks

“The floodgates opened, every other call that has come in today has been about this,” said Tim Poorman. “We have had calls from all over the country, from Canada and Mexico.”

Dog Saved from Fighting Pits Can’t Stop Laying on the Kisses to His Rescuer

“Fighting dogs are not bred to be human aggressive,” said Flatt. “People mistake that all the time. They’re amazing for their resiliency. As much as they may sometimes hurt another animal, they want to please a human twice as much.”