Aussie Firefighters Pose With Puppies For Several Great Causes

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These hunky heroes have raised over $2.3 million for the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Westmead Children’s Hospital’s Burn Unit since 1993.

From Emaciated and Scared to Healthy and Confident, Tilly is a Survivor

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Using a scale with 1 being a healthy animal to 5 being placing it in dire condition. The Inspector rated Tilly at a 5+, her situation so critical.

Man Risks Homelessness to Save Landlady’s Dog from Her Repeated Attacks

11.11.16 Man Reports Animal Abuser and Police Say Its Only a Dog2

“She said there wasn’t a problem with it and that her partner also beats up the dog. I’m scared for its safety. It needs to be removed,” hero Carl Gough said.