SPECIAL PUPDATE! One Year Later, The Dog Who Spent His First 15 Years At The End of a Chain Has A Bed In Every Room

Bear’s whole life is now one, long happy ending. He most surely deserves every treat, toy and belly rub.

Dog Who Chewed Her Paw Off to Free Herself from a Chain Has Been Rescued

“Sometimes healing the heart requires a friend. Little Pinky took Treya under his wing. The joy and tail wags of their friendship jump-started her broken heart.” <3

Neglected Dog Who Only Ever Knew Life at the End of a Chain Finds a Forever Family

“It’s amazing to see how many wonderful people there are, that are willing to help the dogs that are in need,” said Duke’s new human mom, Rebecca Page.

Chained Dog Who Spent Her Life “Crying” Is Now Getting to Have a Puppyhood

“I’ve caught her a couple times playing with her squeaky raccoon toy. She’ll bat it a bit, and then look around to see if anybody is watching her.” <3