PUPDATE! Deformed Rescue Pup Picasso Finds Forever Home & Life’s Purpose After The Tragic Loss Of His Brother

Picasso’s deformity nearly cost him his life! But he and his brother endured. Now, Picasso must move on without Pablo, but his life will be filled with love.

Rescue Dog From South Korea Lost Her Legs, But Not Her Gentle Spirit

Chi Chi’s loving family has helped her come a long way. Now she’s getting ready to give back, training to become a certified therapy dog.

Community Outcry Saves an “Aggressive” Puppy from Being Euthanized

“At six months old, she’s gentle. She’s fantastic with kids. She’s great with patients. She’s already providing therapy to hurting patients,” Kent Hill said. <3

Senators Reintroduce PAWS Act to Make It Easier for Vets With PTSD to Get Service Dogs

“Service dogs can be an effective approach to supporting veterans with PTSD… just as they have shown to be effective for physically disabled veterans.” <3