Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pit Bull Lovers

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We know that Rachael Ray and Betty White are pit bull lovers, but here are 10 more celebrities you might not have known regularly snuggle up with pibbles.

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1.  Norman Reedus might kill zombies as Daryl on The Walking Dead, but he’d never hurt a dog!  He was trying to convince producers of the show to let his character have a dog, but they knew everyone would pay more attention to his companion.  And if the dog were to die?  People would lose their minds.

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2.  Kaley Cuoco calls pit bulls “the greatest dogs in the world,” and has three rescues to prove it!  She supports a number of pit bull advocacy groups and even had the groom’s cake for tennis pro hubby Ryan Sweeting designed as a giant tennis ball with their pups, Loretta, Norm, and Shirley.

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3.  Torrey Smith is a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, and when he’s not on the field, he’s spending time with his dogs.   Prince and Mama were both adopted from the Baltimore Animal Care and Rescue Shelter, which is just a football’s throw the stadium where he plays.  He recently took part in the “Show Your Soft Side” campaign, which was launched to help show people that hurting animals doesn’t make them look hard.

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4.  Lake Bell, known from Children’s Hospital, Boston Legal, and No Strings Attached, loves her dogs Texas and Margaret so much that she made them “dogs of honor” at her wedding with artist Scott Campbell.  She grew up with Dachshunds, but became a pit bull lover and foster fail with the crop-eared, overbred rescue dog, Margaret.

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5.  Danny Trejo – good with machetes and pit bulls.  Not much scares him, and these dogs certainly don’t.  One time he and his wife were driving down a street when they noticed ahead of them was a pit bull in the opened tailgate of a truck.  The drivers were swerving to injure the dog for fun, and the couple made the men pull over – right in the parking lot of animal control.  Trejo has a pit bull himself, and will not tolerate animal abuse.

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6.  Jennifer Aniston adopted a pit bull puppy last year from the Best Friends Animal Society, who fought to keep Michael Vick’s surviving dogs from being euthanized.  She named her Sophie, because it felt like the situation in Sophie’s Choice to choose one and leave so many behind.

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7.  Kevin Bacon spends a lot of time with his girl, Lilly.  So much, in fact, the two even have a synchronized dive that would put Olympians to shame!  Sadly, the video featuring the “tandem canine-human diving event” that had been posted online is no longer available, so we’ll have to settle for a photo of a goofy hug instead.

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8.  Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games decided that he wanted to adopt a puppy – not just any kind of dog, but the most “beautiful” breed there is – a pit bull.

“He was actually going to be euthanized the day after I got him,” he said of Driver.  “So it was kind of perfect timing how it worked out. There are so many dogs, so many puppy mills and you go to these shelters and you see these beautiful, great dogs that are about to be put down for no reason. And then people buy new dogs and it doesn’t make sense.”

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9.  Tom Brady looks tough on the field, but he’s a big softie when it comes to his pit bull.  While out for a stroll, Lua hurt her paws on the salt and ice, so Brady scooped her up and put her in the stroller, and let his boot-wearing son walk.

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10.  Jessica Biel’s not shy about sharing her love for pit bull Tina.  She even features her dog in an ongoing series on Twitter at #TuesdayswithTina.  She affectionately refers to her pup as a “55-pound blanket.”

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  1. I adopted a pitt from a no kill shelter when he was 6 months old 3 weeks later I found out he had kidney failure for 3 yrs I had givin him in home I.v and meds to keep his kidneys going shame on the shelter for not informing us he was sick but he was my baby boy only lived 3.5 yrs buried him in the back yard under the tree with his fav blanket and toys still miss him till this day he was one of a kind

    • I stumbled on your post and just wantedto say my heart broke. My son and i had to surrender two amazing dogs to a no kill shelter in Oregon only to find out that they euthanized them within a week. It has been almost a year and my heart breaks every day because they trusted us to take care of them. Its a long story why but I live in Hawaii and to take them back there is a 4 month quarantine. The point is the shelter had the audacity to send me a Christmas card hand written asking for a donation equal to what I had donated at the time I we dropped them off. I was furious and I still am. Shelters lie, lie, and lie some more and they are just as corrupt as puppy mills etc. It is all about the almighty dollar. I am so sorry for your loss its like you lost a part of yourself but you never would of known that amazing bond and love if you hadn’t gotten that little guy. Pitts are each one of a kind and there is nothing else like them. Thanks for listing and Merry Christmas!

  2. i have 3 pits and they are the love of my life,you will never find a more loyal dog god bless em all

  3. I am a newly adopted pit bull. Rescued from starvation. I have my forever family and am healthy and happy. Check out my face book page at Cletus – a rescue dog.

  4. Outstanding! I had no idea these celebs owned Pit Bulls!
    Such a fantastic breed of dog who are so undeserving of
    their vile reputation.
    ALL dogs/animals are capable of biting/attacking.


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