China refuses to halt production of chicken jerky dog treats

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Rachael Chamber’s dog Cali

As pet owners prepare to stuff stockings and buy holiday treats for their beloved dogs, it is important to remember the potential risks in some dog treats. All the over nation there have been reports of dogs getting sick and even dying from chicken jerky dog treats, many of which are made in China. Now the Chinese government has finally responded and says it will not halt production of these treats.

Since 2007, the FDA has become aware of an increasing number of illnesses due to jerky pet treats, mostly chicken jerky. The FDA issued a report in September in which they stated, “Over the past 18 months the reports have contained information on 360 canine deaths and one feline death.”

The FDA has been investigating the issue and has yet to find a definitive cause. The majority of dog treats are made in China, and the amount imported from China to North America in the last decade has increased immensely.

Rachel Chambers of Morgan Hill, California lost her dog Cali in May because of chicken treats. “It’s been sad and hard on our family, but I think what’s been harder is to understand why almost seven months later there’s more dead dogs and nothing has changed,” Chambers said.

Bay Area Congressman Jerry McNeary reached out to the Chinese government in a letter asking them to “consider halting production of these chicken jerky treats until the FDA can determine whether or not the products contained tainted material.”

The Chinese government wrote back and stated they would not halt production. The Chinese government faulted the FDA for putting an advisory alert on its website even though the exact cause of deaths has not been found. “From the perspective of the Chinese side, there might be something wrong with the FDA’s investigation guidance,” wrote the Chinese government.

Dr. Jaspal Harika, who performed the necropsy on Cali, doesn’t agree with the Chinese government’s claim that the FDA is in the wrong. “They really know what they do. They’re one of the top scientists and research workers,” Harika said. While production of these treats has not been halted, the FDA reminds pet owners that jerky pet treats are not necessary for your pet.

20 thoughts on “China refuses to halt production of chicken jerky dog treats”

  1. My dog Dook died from these treats, renal failure. I had no clue about any of this until after the fact. They still sell them everywhere including Ralph’s and Costco. I try to inform people who are buying them to look it up online. A guy I’m dating actually had bags and bags of them and was giving them to his dog, even after I told him because he didn’t really hear me when I said they will kill your dog. Then I saw all the bags and urged him to throw them away, and he did. One more dog saved!! What can we do about this to stop them from being sold? Picket supermarkets? Stand in front of the display? People don’t believe you because they think ‘the FDA wouldn’t sell us anything bad that could kill us’ How wrong they were.

    • You mean to tell me that we don’t have the capability to manufacture dog treats in the United States??

      Anybody else find that hard to believe?

      Buy American, source American, manufacture American. Stop buying Chinese made products.

  2. Is any treat specifically or is any treat from china??? I’ve been giving my doggie chicken breast treat ‘Cadet’ Brand from china for at least 1year and a half and thank god nothing happened to my dog ; I’m only using this brand ‘Cadet’ that’s why I need to know if its any treat from China ? Any brand??? I need to know please???

    • Go to your supermarket and get raw marrow bones.

      The butcher will have some; have them cut into about 2″ pieces.

      Do not cook them; give those to your dog. Great for his teeth — keeps them nice and white — and they last indefinitely. They are virtually indestructable.

  3. my dog has been eating President’s Choice Nutrition 1st chicken jerky treats for nearly two years with no problems.

    it’s made in thailand, not china, and – i think this is key – he ONLY gets one piece, two if they’re the smaller ones, per day maximum. i use them only as training rewards and by breaking them down into slivers. a lot of the cases i’ve read about, the owner was in the habit of giving the dog whole pieces or 3 or more pieces a day.

    i’ve been keeping close eye, and no complaints about or reports of PC Nutrition 1st jerky treats causing any problems.

    • Yeah I can see how that is true. My dog that died Dook ate a entire bag of them when I was at work one day. He got them down and ripped into the bag. When I got home he had the bag around his neck like a necklace. LOL it was so cute. But then he got really sick and his kidneys failed a month later. But his brother ate them as well, he only got a tiny bit when he was good for a treat. So he was ok. People need to stop buying them but how can they if they don’t know what’s going on?

  4. I avoid the whole dilema (you can’t even remember the names of all the poisinous chemicals they put in these treats) and make my two doggies their own treats. Easy as 1, 2 3. – One cup of pulverized oatmeal flakes (use your blender or braun), two pounds of lean ground turkey and three eggs. Combine and press into a 13 x 9 inch dish and bake at 350 for 25 minutes. Cool and cut into cubes. Refrigerate what you need for a few days and freeze the rest to take out as needed. No worries and believe me, the pooches love them! Keep our furry kids safe and get these killer bastards out of the market!

  5. Why SHOULD China quit making them? The US companies haven’t stopped buying them to sell to us!

    We need the US dog treat companies to STOP placing orders for these treats, and then the Chinese manufacturers might listen. The US needs to talk with its dollars, not with its words. No orders for treats from US companies = no dollars to Chinese dog treat manufacturers.

    It’s American corporate greed that keeps those things coming into this country, not evil Chinese.

  6. This is ridiculous! If it were suspected humans were getting sick from an imported food the FDA would have already recalled them a long time ago out of a safety precaution. Yet when it is our pets nothing is done! The treats should have been chemically tested in the lab a long time ago to end this perpetual charade.

    The consumer has a powerful tool at their disposal and the only one that can be heard from these money grubbing companies and that is purchasing power. Blogs, facebook and social media should continue to spread this story everywhere until we reach every person that for some inexplicable reason still doesn’t know that chicken jerky treats from China are killing dogs. Only when the product finally stays on the shelf, will the greedy dog food manufacturers begin to listen to concerned consumers!

    Don’t risk your dog’s life, it isn’t worth trying to figure out which treats from China can be trusted. I won’t buy anything, and I mean anything from China. I don’t care whether it is or isn’t safe. They destroyed consumer trust 5 years ago when they added poisonous melamine to dog food. When it comes to the health of my dogs I will not offer second chances to any food manufacturer who has crossed that moral line! The lives of my dogs are far too important to me to risk for a jerky treat.


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