DDB Dogged by Controversy

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Rescue organization Dogs Deserve Better is no stranger to controversy, but recent allegations by the group’s former national rescue coordinator may have far reaching implications in the long term health of the group.

Just a few short months after their acquisition of the former Michael Vick residence, a prior employee is questioning what she calls possible misappropriation of funds and a major shift in the organization’s mission. Shannon Allen, the group’s former national rescue coordinator, recently resigned over a number of concerns with DDB activities. “I don’t agree, a lot of people don’t agree with the rehab center, amount of money being spent there,” says Allen.

Allen says the organization’s founder, Tamira Thayne, told volunteers to stop rescuing needy dogs shortly after DDB relocated to the Virginia mansion formerly occupied by Michael Vick.

Allen says money from prior fundraising drives has gone missing, and she’s also troubled by a new DDB policy: only dogs who pass personality screening tests will be considered for rescue by DDB. “The point of a rehab center is to help dogs that don’t get along with other dogs and other people,” says Allen.

Allen says her concerns are  shared by many: she says that a few months ago, Dogs Deserve Better had over 150 rescue representatives in the US. Now that number has dwindled to less than 25. “A lot of people left because when we bought this fenced center, we were told to stop rescuing, that we couldn’t afford it anymore,” says Allen. “We want to rescue, that’s what we signed up for,” she said.

We attempted to contact Tamira Thayne for a rebuttal and are awaiting response: if it’s received you’ll find it here shortly. In the meantime, Thayne has responded to Allen’s allegations on her blog.

115 thoughts on “DDB Dogged by Controversy”

  1. If the end result of all this lala bull wasn’t that the dogs would suffer, all of this would be laughable. Those protecting the DDB and posting all over the internet change their stories and ADD to them as the day/night has worn on.

    My favorite is now the blaming of Shannon for suggesting they buy the old Vick digs. This whole thing is totally out of control. And I think if I see one more word from Barbara I will throw up in my mouth. What a joke that Shannons’ vet bills were from dog fights in her “too small house”.

    Why don’t YOU shut up Barbara, because you DO NOT have your facts straight…and you have made yourself look like an idiot time after time today with your posts. Let’s blame Shannon, let’s blame the Doc. What a hoot you are.

    Facts are facts. DDB is as busy as a cat covering up poopoos in a litter box right now, scrambling around trying to make things look like they are so wonderful…even tonight having all the posts about the dogs, when until it was brought to their attention, the posts were nothing but slamming the Doc. Now all of a sudden the Doc had Joel penned up? Earlier today, right FROM YOUR FINGERS, you stated that she had put on her application that she had penned dogs in the past, but tonight, since it is more convenient and better for your”internet case” of defending the DDB, you lie and say she had Joel penned up.

    Do us all a favor, turn off your computer, go take a Xanax, put on your jammies, and then get on your knees and ask forgiveness for the lies and slander that you have publicly posted online this day. It’s quite obvious that you have too much time on your hands.

    The truth is going to come out, no matter who says what. In the end, the truth will prevail. The smoke screens of the DDB will soon be gone.

    I hope you like eating bird. Because you will have alot of crow to eat when it’s all said and done.

  2. Not sure where you got your information but, if you watch the report it states they tried to contact Mrs. Thayne and got no answer, then they contacted her by cell and she had no comment. Then a day later she responded on her blog. Why are you attacking the reporters they did their job. There are no facts to check the report states clearly that accusations have been made, and let Mrs. Allen state her thoughts. I must say she has a point, I never would have donated money to DDB if I know that it was going to buy someone a fancy house with select well behaved dogs. I though it was a rescue.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I have seen all that. I’ve been following it all along. That is NOT my point. Shannon suggested the place to them, I know…its “HOW” Barbara says in her post above that it was Shannons idea. So allllllll the blame for everything goes on Shannon…? lol

    The whole thing is stupid…these stupid posts, the he said she said…when the end result is THE DOGS ARE THE ONES WHO WILL SUFFER!!!

    So save your stupid posts and your “proof” for someone else…you see I also was a DDB rescue worker, and was also told to stop rescuing….there was NO money for it…and no money for vet bills…because the new place needed the money.

    So until you idiots walk in the shoes of us PREVIOUS DDB RESCUERS, please just stop running at the mouth…it is all going to come out now…it can’t be hid any longer…and I for one hope I am around to watch the high and mighty liars fall. Because they are falling already.

    You have NO IDEA how many vet bills I got stuck with, that were previously approved, then payment withheld, because the new facility “needed” the money.

    The hell with you all!!! I continue my rescue work myself…and make weekly payments to my vets for the with held money. I barely scrape by. But the fosters of mine come first, and the ones who I have found foster homes for that I am now helping pay for.

    Maybe you need to go put your jammies on and pray for some forgiveness too, with Barbara.

    God doesn’t like ugly, and its all coming out now.

  4. Dear Admin,

    The Blog That Tamiri CI Thayne aka Tammy Grimes has presented is full of hearsay and un-truths. Why did she not answer the doorbell AND not talk to the reporter? Even IF the doorbell story IS true, she told the reporter by phone that she had no comment. WHY? Because Tamiri CI Thayne aka Tammy Grimes needed overnight to spin the truth and deflect the blame and try desperately to convince her shrinking army to stay with her. The martyrdome continues for this woman.

    I would ask you to allow Dr. Fiala and Shannon Allen to provide THEIR rebuttal of this blog for consideration for publication on your site.

    Thank you for your coverage of the important story and the continued exposure of Tamira CI Thayne Aka Tammy Grimes.

  5. DDB has done a lot of good over the years. I believe there is more to this story than meets the eye. We all know how the media blows things out of proportion. The media has not given DDB any oportunity to respond to these alligations. All organizations change at some point, perhaps this is a transitional phase and DDB is trying to find its future path. I can not let this incident belittle the great works this organization has done over the years. Be smart people, check all the facts and don’t believe everything you hear that the media likes to pump out for rateings. Anyone can say anything they like about a person and it is very difficult to defend yourself against rumors.

    • Darryl,
      DDB was given the chance to reply in the news story and did not answer the door when the reporter answered the door and Tami told the reporter ‘no comment, when she was reached on the phone.

      • It’s called ambush journalism. They wanted her unprepared so they could create staged drama. Doesn’t Tami have a right to find out everything Shannon was saying and prepare a measured and detailed response?

        • Why would this woman need any time to reply. If you tell the truth than there is nothing to worry about. Ambush? Only if you need time to come up with a good story.

          • She would need time to find out what Shannon said. All of it. Until then, she couldn’t answer the questions about it. Shannon took over two weeks of consulting with Dr. Fiala and her team before making her written public resignation and statement. You don’t think Tami should get a day or two to apprise herself of the facts? FEX Shannon’s 11 fosters; DDB didn’t even know about them until they got vet bills from Shannon, as Shannon hadn’t informed anyone or entered them into the database. How should Tami respond to things she’d never heard?

  6. Shannon offered Tami several acres of her land, free at no charge, to build the rehab center. Tami declined because she loved the publicity that buying the Vick place would bring.


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