Delaware’s First Family Adopts Shelter Dog

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Delaware’s first family has a new member of the household and her name is “Rue.” Rue is a playful, three-month old puppy with some pretty big paws.

The Governor is teaching Rue to fetch. Her name comes from a character in the movie, “The Hunger Games.” The puppy is possibly part Shepherd, Boxer and Lab, and was adopted from the Delaware Humane Association.

Rue the dog joins pets Belle the cat and Norma the goldfish in the Markell household.

34 thoughts on “Delaware’s First Family Adopts Shelter Dog”

  1. Our president did not line the pockets of a breeder, as our president did not purchase a dog. Bo was a gift that the first family graciously accepted.

  2. Sure, it would have “sent an amazing message”…….but it wouldn’t have been the right thing for their children. Their daughter’s allergies required finding a very specific kind of dog, and the Portuguese Water Dog is actually a fairly rare breed. Not the kind of dog you’re likely to find in a shelter, though they DID take home a dog that had been returned to the breeder when his original home didn’t work out. So they still rescued a dog, he just came through a breeder rehoming him instead of a shelter.

    And honestly, I’d say a parent who gets a dog they know will make their child miserable just to send a message is a terrible parent.

  3. Honestly, hypoallergenic dogs are not that common. In particular, the PWD is not a common breed. They did what was right for their family, and their children. Giving a family a hard time because they made a decision that was best for their child’s health and comfort is really unfair. Promoting an agenda over the health and comfort of your own child is called being a bad parent, which is not something worthy of praise.


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