Devastated Mom Writes Open Letter to the Man Who Killed Her Family’s Dog

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Sharon McNamee of Dundalk, Ireland, and her family are reeling after the distressing death of their beloved dog Soskay.  He was being taken for a walk by McNamee’s teen daughter when a man came hurtling around a bend on the wrong side of the road and killed him.  Now the family is hoping someone will come forward to identify the cowardly driver who fled the scene.

McNamee posted the following letter on Facebook:

To The Person That Killed My Dog

On Wednesday evening, my 15 year old daughter took our gorgeous Soskay for his usual little evening time trot around the block. You came tearing around a corner, proceeded to drive on the wrong side of the road, hit my dog with such force that two females students heard the bang from their back garden and thought a child had been knocked down, you didn’t stop immediately, so your back wheel went over my dog, and when you did eventually stop, you mumbled sorry before quickly blaming my daughter. You told her several times “it was all her fault” and how “the dog came out of nowhere.”  By this time the two female students had come running out of their house. My dog was about the same size as a Yorkshire Terrier, so for any impact to have made such a loud noise with such a small dog, truly was done with sheer force and speed. He wasn’t out in the middle of the road, he was walking beside the kerb.

While my daughter and the two students tried to help my already dying dog, through the trauma, my daughter still had the sense to ask you for your details and for you to speak with her parents. At that point, you got back into your car, turned around and drove away. I’d like to share with you now the aftermath of your reckless, dangerous driving.

My daughter came running into the house hysterically, while the two students carried our dog into the house with his little head tilted down so he wouldn’t choke on the volume of blood that was pouring from his mouth, presumably from severe internal injuries. He was brought into the kitchen, leaving a trail of blood along the hallway. The pool on the kitchen floor became bigger and bigger as we rang for a vet. At one point he panicked and tried to move. By the time I realised my 8 year old son was standing in the hallway watching with horror, even though I then sent him upstairs, it was too late, my son had already witnessed the bloody scene. My husband carried our dog into the car, and I drove. But Soskay never stood a chance, he died on the way there. I had left 3 traumatised children in the house, and then had to go back home and tell them he died.

What followed will haunt me. After the blood was cleaned up, after we repeatedly reassured our daughter that it was not her fault but yours, after I cleaned myself up and changed my blood stained clothes, I crawled into my bed, where my 8 year old son was, and held his hand while he cried himself to sleep. I did not sleep much on Wednesday night, nor the last two nights.

Soskay was my shadow, he followed me everywhere, room to room, all day every day. He slept in my bedroom, he would sit on the window seat watching out the window whenever I left the house, and when I would return he would greet me as if he hasn’t seen me in days. At night, when I would sit on the sofa in the sitting room, he would jump up and snuggle in beside me. I could not count how many times I would trip over him daily due to the fact that he was constantly at my heels. He was my friend, my constant companion, he was not just our dog, he was a huge part of our family. He made us laugh. He was only 4 years old. I have not sat in the sitting room since Wednesday, and I honestly don’t know when I will. Right now, I don’t want to.




The children did not go to school on Thursday; we said our goodbyes properly to Soskay, laid him in his bed with his toy, gently covered him and then buried him. I honestly didn’t do a whole lot of anything else on Thursday, except cry, I did a lot of that.

Friday was harder than Thursday, I went back to my routine, kids to school, laundry, dinner, the usual but nothing is the same. There isn’t Soskay constantly at my feet, there isn’t Soskay looking out the window when I return from school runs, there isn’t Soskay to greet me when I walk through the front door. It feels empty, there is a vast hole, an empty space that will never be full again. You took my irreplaceable friend away from all of us.

I don’t know why you drove away, perhaps it was that you knew your reckless driving was 100% to blame, perhaps you had been drinking and were worried the Guards would be called, perhaps you hadn’t any insurance, perhaps you were concerned that you could be facing a huge vet bill, or perhaps that is just who you are. That is your nature, that is your personality, selfish, cruel and inhumane because you were able to drive away, leaving a 15 year old girl with a dying dog. You are not entitled to be called a human being, let alone a Man.

I believe in Karma, in what goes around comes around, for every action there is a reaction. I don’t know if this will be shared enough for you to eventually come across it, but someone you know just might read it and a secret is only a secret if you don’t tell anyone. I imagine you will have told someone by now, so it’s no longer your secret. There are other witnesses to your driving on the wrong side of the road, my daughter will recognise you should she see you again and considering the fact you were entering our street, there is a good chance you will be seen again. After two days of my 8 year old son asking me “am I feeling better?” I guess today is the day to start lying to him. My only consolation in all of this is that you didn’t plough into my daughter, and that perhaps my beautiful Soskay died so that my daughter would be safe.

To everyone that takes the time to read this, and I know it’s long, thank you. Please share if you can and any information regarding this incident will be greatly appreciated and handled discreetly. This happened on Wednesday night (21-09-16) around 9 pm in Rockfield Manor.

Witnesses describe the vehicle as being dark-colored, possibly an Audi.



62 thoughts on “Devastated Mom Writes Open Letter to the Man Who Killed Her Family’s Dog”

  1. Tragically, about 6 months ago, at 6:45am Thurs 11 Feb., my Yorkie terrier
    was run and killed over by a young inattentive driver next to my
    house, in front of my neighbor’s driveway. Texting and driving on a residential road.

    I was on the side of the road, waving my arms and yelling for her to
    stop, and seconds later the late-model white VW runs over my little
    dog, without braking or slowing, and I had to jump out of the way at
    the last second to avoid becoming its second victim.

    It was not dark, light enough to drive without lights. The young girl pulls over after that, and apologizes. She offers no explanation on why she didn’t see the me or my dog. Offers to pay for the dead pet.

    The police don’t really care. It was just so much road kill.

    How long will it be before the next reckless driver on this street runs
    over and kills another small pet or a child?

  2. To the MacNamee family, I feel for your loss. This happened to me when I was a child and I will NEVER forget losing my beloved Lisa, a coonhound my family loved more than life. I was about 9 when it happened and I will never forget the sound of her being hit and the 45 lb dog being literally tossed in the air, by a neighbor who was speeding through a country road. I do agree with one of the other posters, who stated that Soskay would want you to have another dog in your life. That unconditional love will follow over the Rainbow Bridge.

    To Skankhunt my comment is, You are a worthless piece of trash to belittle ANYONE’s losses in life. How dare you! How dare you make fun of a family’s sufferings.

    To the being who ran over Soskay, you, again are worthless. You could have at least “owned up” to your mistake by giving your information, or rather, carrying the dying animal to the front door of the house. You have much to learn about being a human being.

    Again, my thoughts and prayers to the family to help them ease their loss.

  3. I understand your pain and sorrow. I have enormous empathy for your loss, but if the dog was off leash you bear some of the responsibility. You have to think in terms of prevention, you must!

  4. SKANKHUNT is a fictional character from South Park, an internet troll….and you’re not him, nor are you funny. Your’e a giant doosh, or was it a turd sandwich? Probably both.

  5. So sorry for your loss. Pets hold special places in our hearts and lives. As a pet owner, I want to tell you to try and think about finding/connecting with a new furfriend fairly soon. This is NOT about forgetting or ‘replacing’ your Soskay it is filling an empty place. There are so many dogs at shelters that need/want a forever home and it may soon be your time to find and bring another into your lives. Furry it may be. I believe that an animals spirit continues forward and that if you give it a chance you will find the spirit of Soskay in another forever family member. May not be today, tomorrow, but keep your hearts and eyes open for when that happens. I lost a furfriend and put off filling that spot for a couple of months. In some ways I needed the time, but then again, I needed a warm furfriend to complete that empty place in my heart. Again, not a replacement, just a new furfriend to fill the empty spot. Glad you kept the children included after the fact and remember, to keep the children included in finding your new furfriend. It may be their spirits that connect in that special way.

  6. Our pets are our children. The are special and loved and have a place in our hearts forever. There is also a special place in hell for this so called man. I pray your family all the best.


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