Dog Abuse Caught on Camera: Perpetrator “Had a Bad Day”

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Manchester, U.K.–Tunisian Mohammed Abou-Sabaa, 21, admitted to a brutal attack on five month old yellow labrador Poppy because he was “having a bad day”, according to court testimony. He landed more than 20 blows on the dog before kicking Poppy down a flight of stairs outside his flat. CCTV cameras also filmed him standing with his full weight on her neck.

Magistrates were visibly shocked after watching a six-minute video of the attack yesterday, yet decided against sending Abou-Sabaa to prison. He plead guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Abou-Sabaa was given a six-week sentence (suspended for two years), ordered to do 250 hours community service, and banned from owning an animal for four years.

Poppy has been nursed back to health and the RSPCA hopes to find her a new home in time for Christmas.

*Warning: this is graphic, and viewing is not recommended if you are easily upset.

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32 thoughts on “Dog Abuse Caught on Camera: Perpetrator “Had a Bad Day””

  1. I was hitting my computer screen – trying to defend that poor dog! And there are people inside the building watching this creep beat up his dog and they don’t do anything about it! inexcusable. i don’t want this man or the lame judge living in my world! Both the man and the judge need to be publically hanged for all to see, and then we can throw our rotten food at their despicable bodies!

  2. OMG!!! He should never ever in his lifetime be allowed to ever own another pet! This made me sick, This poor puppy didnt deserve to have this done to him…a 6 week sentence…where is the JUSTICE for this poor baby??? This man should be thrown down the steps himself and kicked and slapped around, just the same as he treated this poor puppy! Theres never enough JUSTICE down for the ones who abuse animals!! This is HORRIBLE!!

  3. I didn’t dare watch this, because I know I’d be upset and cry. And then I’d want to take a flight over to UK and kill the bastard.

  4. … I must say the same “He should never ever in his lifetime be allowed to ever own another pet” and he dont deserve any friends too

    I hope this dog will find nice home soon

  5. What a dumb SOB….bad day huh, well I hope he has lots of them now…2 bad the dog didn’t bite his X$$ good! Some people don’t need pets, they can’t deal…obviously this loser needs medication or a job!

  6. Why on earth is this kind of sick shit still allowed? How can we force our different governments to do more to stop this? Or better yet just let us have to power to deal with these sick f*****s on our own, you can bet I will at the front of the line to take my turn doing exactly to these sick f***s what they have done to the animals. And what the hell gives him immunity from prosecution that is just and fair, just because he is a diplomats son, that is bullshit.

  7. I can’t believe how many people watched this horror and did absolutely nothing to stop this monster!! I pray this guy never gets a woman and/or children involved in his life, I pray he doesn’t have any children in his family that could be subjected to his abuse. Did the judge not understand this type of abuse almost always precedes a human murder?? What if that had been a child/woman/elderly person being abusded because daddy “had a bad day”? Would the witnesses have done something to stop this guy? He doesn’t deserve to have another animal for his lifetime; and mandating that he be rendered sterile wouldn’t be a bad idea either!! I’m thrilled that the puppy survived and is being properly treated and loved. I know she will soon find a loving home where she will be spoiled with love.


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