Dog Abuser Arrested after Vet Turns Him In

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A starving dog has been saved after the vet who was treating him turned in his owner for animal abuse.

The man brought in his five-month-old pit bull, Benz, to the Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a minor wound.  He told the vet there was a small lesion on the dog’s tail that he needed treatment, and that he planned to breed him.

The man left Benz to be treated, and said he would return in an hour or two.  The vet was appalled by the puppy’s condition, and was stunned that the owner brought him in for the least of his problems, and that he could expect him to breed in his poor state of health.

She called police when the owner left, and showed Benz to them when they arrived.  He was severely starved, with all rib and hip bones protruding.  He had to crouch, as he was unable to support his weight.  He had open sores on his lips, and his penis was discolored and bleeding.

Police asked the vet to call them when the man returned, and to stall him without letting on that the police would be turning up.  She did as directed, and all went according to plan.  The police were able to take the man into custody without resistance.

Pictures of his lamentable condition were taken, and Benz was turned over to Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control.





24 thoughts on “Dog Abuser Arrested after Vet Turns Him In”

  1. Why should the Vet take on the responsibility of this animal?? She did the appropriate thing. There is no way that a Vet can financially survive if they take on every pet that walks in the door. Vets and vet hospitals are not supported by the county or state. They love animals as much as you do, they maxed themselves out with giant college loans to be able to treat the animals that we all love so much. So, why don’t we do something about it??? Go adopt from the shelter??

  2. The suffering showing in this poor pups eyes is catastrophic, what some people put animals through is disgusting. Wish I could adopt but there are just as many cases here in UK. Get well soon babes xx

  3. Animals, unfortunately, are legally considered property. So if the vet kept the dog without the owners consent, she could be the one charged with a crime. SHe had two choices, contact the authorities or treat the dog and give him back to the owner. She did the right thing.

    This is an example of what a vet SHOULD do. I have heard too many stories recently of vets who euthanize healthy dogs because the owner requests it or the owner dies and wants the dog buried with him. Paws up to this vet who sees injustice and does something about it.

    I think Benz will have a great chance to be adopted or rescued– he is very young and will have the benefit of the publicity surrounding his seizure. Neglected or abused dogs have a better chance of adoption because people gravitate toward them and want to help.

  4. it should be mandatory that like a doctor or teacher needs to report signs of child abuse ,veterinarians also should be reporting by law


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