Captured: Dog and Pig on the Run

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Life on the farm couldn’t be more different for these friends but this odd couple are the closest of pals. Like a scene from Babe, the pair were spotted running in tandem along Milky Lane, Whittlesea, Australia about 3:45pm Friday.

And yesterday, the duo were returned to their relieved owners, police said. Whittlesea Police Station Leading Senior Constable Mick Hall said the pair had obviously come from the one home.

“They act like a pair of pork chops when you try to separate them,” he said. “They were lying all cuddled up together on the front lawn waiting for their owners.”

Police believe the dog is a Golden Retriever or Labrador, aged about 18 months old. Its porky mate is white and also believed to be fairly young.

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13 thoughts on “Captured: Dog and Pig on the Run”

  1. They are so cute together. Pigs are as intelligent as dogs and by some accounts smarter. If you would not eat your dog, why would you eat pigs or other animals. They are all sentient beings. And if you read the book “The China Study” you will realize that meat is NOT a healthy part of our diets. Plant-based diets are MUCH healthier! Please think about how cute this story is and change your eating selections. Go vegan.

  2. excellent comment galen! i was thinking the same thing. everyone who eats meat should tape this photo to their refrigerator and think twice before eating that next blt or pork chop. yes, you are eating this cute little piggie. go vegan.

  3. I hope that pig is able to live out it’s natural life and can continue it’s friendship with the Lab.

  4. Hi Lola — I enjoyed meat a lot. But I gave it all up when I realized how harmful my little pleasure was to the animals I professed to love. I hope you give it a third and forth thought, too.


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