Dog Hanging on Fence for Two Days Gets Rescued

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7.9.14 - Dog Stuck in Fence for Two Days Gets Rescued1


A dog who spent two days in the sweltering heat of North Texas with his hind leg caught in a barbed wire fence has been rescued.  He suffered a number of cuts (leading to an infection) and heatstroke, but is now recovering, and will likely be needing a home.

Over the weekend, Dallas firefighters came to the rescue of the dog, named Indy Justice, who was reportedly trapped in the fence for at least two days.

“The fireman says that he carried him a quarter of a mile back to the truck,” DFW Rescue Me said.

7.9.14 - Dog Stuck in Fence for Two Days Gets Rescued2

He was badly dehydrated, and EMTs started him on an IV.  A veterinarian determined that he also had heatstroke, in addition to a number of severe cuts all over his body that lead to an infection.  His feet were swollen and bleeding.

Indy Justice is on IV antibiotics and is slowly improving.  He is also receiving hydrotherapy with the hope that his badly wounded hind leg can be saved.  An amputation would cost about $1,500, and even more to save it – but that is the goal.

If you would like to donate towards Indy’s care, please click here.  If you would like to follow his progress, become a fan of DFW Rescue Me’s Facebook page.



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  1. This happened to one of my rottweiller dog friends. Rocket dog was stuck upside down for two days on chain link fence. His hind leg appeared dead and was somewhat mutilated and the Vet recommended it be amputated. I created a COMFREY poultice and applied it to his leg for several days. To keep it on his leg I wrapped it with gauze and put a sock on it. I would hold it in place with my hands for about an hour and he got it that i wanted it to stay there. But after a couple hours he couldn’t help himself and would nibble the comfrey away. Then I would put another one on. After about three days of this his skin started to grow back over the bone and a couple weeks later the hair started to grow on the skin that grew back over his bone. I stopped with the poultices after that and he made a complete recovery, except he always had a fence mark embedded in his leg. But he kept running. He was an awesome guy and lived to be very old and died of old age.

  2. Thank you, all you pet lovers.It’s nice to know their are people
    out their that care and love pets as much as i do.If only these
    idiots could experience the loving looks you get from a well cared for
    and loved pet.


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