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Dog Hit by Train Makes an Awe-Inspiring Recovery

by Melanie

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A stray dog in India was crossing some tracks when the rails shifted and trapped him.  His legs were severed by a train, and he would have succumbed to exsanguination or infection had it not been for the amazing folks at Animal Aid Unlimited, who got him the care he needed.

The male dog, called, Joy was badly crippled and in agonizing pain.  One of his legs had to be completely amputated, but part of the other leg was able to be saved.

Learning to walk without his front legs would be difficult.  But Joy was full of spirit, and he was determined to get around on his own.  It wasn’t long before he could hop about on his hind legs.  Once his left front was better healed, he could hobble around on three.


10.9.14 - Dog Hit by Train Makes an Awe-Inspiring Recovery2


But he wouldn’t need to do that for long.  He was fitted with a prosthetic leg, which felt foreign and was even harder to adjust to than before.  With practice, he kangaroo-hopped until he felt comfortable putting weight on the false leg.

It’s still strange, but every day gets easier, and now Joy has a permanent home at AAU’s sanctuary where he can recover and be loved.

If you would like Animal Aid Unlimited to continue to be able to save more animals who desperately need this group to survive, please click here.


10.9.14 - Dog Hit by Train Makes an Awe-Inspiring Recovery3