Dog in Wheelchair Runs Agility Course

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A CNN viewer submitted this video of herself and her disabled Border Collie, Zip, competing on an agility course in Pensacola, Florida.

Zip had five agility championship titles under her belt before a January accident left her paralyzed.

‘Zip has taught me many lessons but, having a disability myself, the most significant lesson is that you can’t let a disability keep you on the sofa,’ she said. ‘So many have told me that Zip has inspired them, that they were going through a difficult time in their life and that Zip gave them hope, or that she encouraged them to grab a problem by the horns and deal with it.’    – jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

14 thoughts on “Dog in Wheelchair Runs Agility Course”

  1. Now that is totally AWESOME and extreamley inspiring to any and all animal and or humans, Who are disabled and or know someone who is so awesome and so beautiful to watch!!!!

  2. Here’s a tip for making wheeler dogs more comfortable with their equipment. Make shearling fleece “tubes” to cover the shafts and hard parts of the harnessing setup. Similar to what people with horses put over horse halters to protect the hair coat and sensitive skin. You get washable fleece, about a yard of it, at the fabric store and some medium strength lengths of velcro. Cut and sew the tubes with velcro fastening so that they can be easily installed over the metal cart shafts and also removed for laundering.

    She could also look into some herbal or homeopathic remedies to assist with the involuntary spasms that seem to aflict her wonderful dog’s hind legs.

    There has been so much progress in orthotics and prosthetics for animals esp. dogs including rehab protocols for helping them adjust to devices and strengthen their bodies. I would love to see more agility organizations offer special needs dog learning and begin to develop special needs dog competitions such as wheeldog rally obedience and adaptive agility courses.

    Good job, you two!

  3. This just brings tears to my eyes. God Bless Zip and her owner for letting Zip continue with what she loves! What an inspiration.

  4. This absolutley took my breath away. You could see the love that the lady has for her dog. And Zips spirit… her mind there is nothing wrong with her only in our minds. It is great that Zip is still doing what she loves.

  5. Du bist Spitze ,Süsse.Habe auch einen Pinscher mit Rollstuhl.Doch Agility kann sie nicht.Liebe Grüsse aus Österreich
    youtube : Daisy mit Freunden beim Katzenjagen


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