Dog is Not Happy About Being Called Last for Dinner

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Each one of these dogs are showing a great deal of restraint and self control, waiting to be called for dinner individually.  However, one dog is not exactly thrilled about being called last, and man does he show it!

107 thoughts on “Dog is Not Happy About Being Called Last for Dinner”

  1. I agree with Mary., something else got the dogs attention, so this had nothing to do with the dog being called last. Its so obvious these dogs are called in the same order day after day. And having the picture of the emaciated dog as the lead in, sheer stupidity. Pathetic the things some people will do to get attention.

  2. Did any one else notice the picture of the emaciated, mange covered pup on the introduction of this article? What is wrong with Yahoo…this is like the 10th story in a few short months where they posted a story headline and then the picture didn’t relate to that article not to mention the terrible spelling and sentence structure. I’m convinced that Yahoo doesn’t have journalists but rather young kids in school who do these assigned topics and then post them.
    Most of the dogs seemed a bit skittish of this man (?) … didn’t care for their demeanor and caution as they walked passed her…even though they are all obviously well fed.

  3. “I know she think this is funny but essentially this dog feels less loved than the others. ”

    What a patently false observational statement. You have zero idea of what the actual relationships between the human and the dogs shown in the video are.

    You clearly are transferring your own emotional issues onto the video content and substituting your own feelings/anthropomorphizing the scenario in thine own image.

    I can’t recommend enough that you should seek out and speak to a professional. If you don’t know where you’d start if you did, start with showing them the video and your comment above on it.

    • If the dog got distracted as it appears on second view that it did, than this article is as misleading as the horrific picture they used to get us to click on it in the first place. That being said, to suggest I need professional help due to the fact that I don’t think it is funny when dogs are upset by stupid human behavior speaks more to your own character and need for help. My dog gives her back to me whenever she doesn’t get a bite of food she wanted. Now I don’t always give in to this behavior but I don’t encourage her feeling bad either. So I have a direct experience that negates your accusation of transferring my own emotions onto a dog. I also don’t think it is funny when they do that crap to kids as parents so often do.

  4. That dog looks delicious! I’m from Vietnam and there we love dog meat. In the western world you have the culinary tradition of a roast pig with an apple in its mouth. In Vietnam–in my family–we have the tradition of a roast dog with a frisbee in its mouth. After harvesting the animal we singe the fur off and gut it. Then we rub the carcass down with salt, pepper, garlic, ginger and Chinese five spice. Roasting it on a rotating spit over an open fire is the preferred method of cooking. My favorite is thin slices from the rump dipped in soy sauce. Needless to say in Vietnam we don’t have the problem of stray dogs roaming around. Any unattended dog spotted on the streets is quickly pounced upon by the lucky finder and dragged away to his kitchen without delay for immediate processing. That night the entire family will enjoy a magnificent feast and go to bed dreaming of the next such occasion. Although they are quite tasty Pitt Bulls are banned in Vietnam now because some people were getting seriously injured when they tried to drag them home. Dogs of that breed don’t go to the dinner table without putting up a fight.. It used to take three or four of us to subdue one before we could harvest it.

  5. (no way to report dogeater, what a silly spiteful comment to put on a dog fan site. … maybe your food will return the favor someday dogeater… don’t go to African, the ones there love sweet meats like you. just wiggle that juicy butt of yours right in front of them and they’ll be glad to reward your generosity)

    anyway, I share a can of food with my three as a snack and they line up the same way every single time. If somebody is out of order they all know it. 3 different sized, breeds of dogs. small one on the left, big one in the middle, medium on the right. just crazy.


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