Caught on Camera: Dog Narrowly Escapes Gator Attack

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If you live in the Southern third of the US and take your dogs swimming with any frequency, you have our utmost respect now that we’ve seen what you’re up against!

This Floridian went for a stroll with his dog in a local park and was subject to a surprise visit from an Alligator. While the video ends abruptly, the YouTuber who uploaded it said the dog is fine – they were able to get out of the way just before the Gator struck.

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125 thoughts on “Caught on Camera: Dog Narrowly Escapes Gator Attack”

  1. Stupid? Wow that is harsh. He is outside enjoying his dogs and having a good time. How is that stupid? How was he supposed to know that gator was going to come and attack. Obviously they were scared and didn’t expect it.

    • How do you define stupid???? He was at a DOG PARK in Florida. He had every reason to believe his dog would be safe in a DOG PARK!! I live in Florida and would EXPECT a DOG PARK lake to be safe! Shame goes to the county not paying attention!

      • Thank you. We love our dogs like their kids and would never take them where i know there are gators and living in florida for 25 years i kinda know whats safe and like i said gators were never sighted here and people swim here.

        • OMG April! “run in zig zags?”

          That just cracked me up but as funny as it is I know it’s a pretty efficient tactic for avoiding gators.

  2. We once took our dog down the river Santa Fe in a paddle boat.
    You just don’t expect it! It is getting more common with Man’s clearing of land and progress wiping out food supply for these Gators. I don’t think I would do it nowadays.

  3. Florida has gators we have coyotes and bears. but my girls are never allowed out without me. I def would not let them swim in florida.. Ever thnk of getting a kiddie pool to let ya pup swim.


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