Dog Overcome by Joy Passes Out

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This dog is so excited to see her human, she just can’t help herself.  Rebecca (Ehalt) Svetina was gone for two years, and boy was she missed.  See how Casey just passes out and rolls over.  What a ham!



Casey was taken to a veterinarian and came home with a clean bill of health.  Fainting—also called syncope—is a sudden, momentary loss of consciousness with spontaneous recovery. Though it can be a symptom of serious conditions, it can also be caused by something else: excitement. Casey became so excited that she hyperventilated, meaning that not enough oxygen was reaching her brain. A lack of oxygen causes a loss of consciousness. Casey was only losing consciousness for a couple seconds at a time, which can happen to people, dogs, etc. when they overexert themselves. The family says she has never had this happen before, and they took her to a vet, who assured them that she was fine.


75 thoughts on “Dog Overcome by Joy Passes Out”

  1. Ygg ..what makes you say that ? I am not a vet but ex vets nurse and a qualified professional dog trainer but we cannot give medical advice, and believe it or not, dogs in congestive heart failure keel over, white gums , poor return, it is always best to get things checked out by a professional instead of listening always to internet keyboard advice.

  2. Poor baby thats why I cant understand why people treat pets like they do sometimes..they have hearts is so sad but happy in the end.


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